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30 ft rca run too long for a phono to preamp?
Hello Gentlemen, thank you for your responses. Right now the stylus, when playing is approx. 20" from the side of the left Vandersteen. As I am getting a wobbling deep bass feedback as the volume get's up there, I have to assume that the tt is too... 
Thorens TD-147 endless possibilities?
Well I got it running, the cartridge it came with was shot, so I got a used Grado gold, quite a difference, no hum, but a tiny bit of sibilance. I read it could me a capacitance issue with the preamp. Waiting for a mint tractor, so did the best I ... 
How much are your speakers toed in?
Well Thanks for this thread, it got me thinking and moving them around again. I think I have found a new position for them, with only slight toe-in. After I changed my preamp, I didn't try the speakers in different positions, I guess you should re... 
How much are your speakers toed in?
With my Spendor sp 1/2e's, I had them toed in directly at me, so I could just see the inside edge of the speaker and the cross section was just behind my head. I had them as far apart as I could at about 8-9 feet, I was 9 ft back. My new Vanderste... 
Thorens TD-147 endless possibilities?
Thanks Jaybo, good idea on the extra arm. I was recommended a Sumiko blue point by the guy I got a replacement belt from. When you say " track down" can I assume most parts like the power supply and arm will have to bought used, off ebay, or are t... 
Variac differences and use
I bought one on ebay for about 75 bucks, as I remember there were a few out there. There's not much to them, buy one that works, from a reputable seller, and you'll probably have no problems. 
slp-98 output voltage question
Thanks guys,I will send Cary an email to double check. With the switch set at .75v the volume control is around 9-12, when it is at 2.75 the volume control is at 1-3, but that can be changed depending on the gain setting of the power amp. Right no... 
Download 24 Songs & Pay $1.9 Million
it'll get overturned. It's a hopeless battle, once music is turned into 0's and 1's how do you copyright that, it's like copyrighting the color blue. The industry should have stayed with vinyl.my opinionated, uninformed 2 cents. 
Explain the asthetics of Punk
I always looked at punk as more of an ideology then a musical movment. We gave the sound of this music the name punk, but I would consider bob dylan punk, early public enemy punk, nirvana, Holden Caulfield, Jack Kerouac. As Grimace says, F U. it's... 
Monitor with sub or Full Range Speakers
I had a set of Spendor sp 1/2e's and a James loudspeaker emb-1000. having a sub to fill in the bottom adds so much depth and even width to the soundstage. There is a lot of information in those lower frequencies that are responsible for the real a... 
Golden reference oval 9
Chuck, I have the oval 9. I didn't know there was a golden oval, sorry for the misleading title. I was trying to incorporate oval 9 and Cardas golden reference. 
Pre of three?
Thanks again for everyones replies, I decided to go with a Cary, partly due to immediate availability, next stop c2200.Mike 
Pre of three?
Thanks for all the responses gentlemen. I almost bought a c2200, but it had been sold, I am now looking at a slp-98. Jig nailed it. I do have all the tubes I need for both of these units, ( the juicy fruit is out of this one ) which is one of the ... 
Pre of three?
Pre of three?
But I love peaches? So fuzzy.