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High Quality Outlets Where to get them??
Thats one of the problems, believe it or not we dont have a home depot or lowes. Nothing.. We are Getting a home depot but thats a while off. I guess i will take a look at the other hardware stores around and see what i can fine. And then look onl... 
Interconect recommendation
I reccomend Clarity Wires " FoxFire" its a silver hybrid and retails for $200 1 meter pair. I own a pair and really enjoy them. They were also reviewed by vacuume tube valley and they favored the Foxfire's over Kimber Kable's Silver streak. heres ... 
To turn off or not to turn off
This is a good qustion,I have a NAD C-370 and turn it off everytime i am done listening, this may be on and off again 3-4 times a day. is it true that turning it on and off will shorted the lifespan?. it does have standby mode, But nad says in the... 
buying a stereo for my 16 yr. old
Tell them to buy their own stuff, they will apprecite it much more :D. trust me i know,..im am around that age and have worked for a just over 2 grand system. Still going up of course. If they are really interested in the hobby, i would consider s... 
NAD CD Player - C521, C541Which one?
buy it at YAWAonline.com they are a great company, i got my C-370 there and was the best online shopping i ever had, BTW great post because i am pondering the exact same thing. but i am also thinking of the Cambridge audio D300SE. I highly reccome... 
300 disk W/ outboard DAC or single play W good dac
OK, the 300 disk thing isint an option anymore, And i dunno about the NAD didnt have the best reviews they said it skipped sometimes. Maybe i will think about the CA and the AMC more.. 
300 disk W/ outboard DAC or single play W good dac
Right now i have a Teac pd-d2750 5 disk player i bought at costco for 90 dollars. I think i might go for just a cdp and forget about the dac thing. they seem kna pricy when i could just get something like the nad which has Burr-Brown sigma delta 2... 
What pre-amp would you choose
how much $$$$?? 
integrated amp vs Pre&power amp combination.
Kina depends on what you get i suppose. Some people say that seperates sound better. I dunno,.. i have an integrated and plan to always have one. Maybe give some idea of price range models etc. 
Jumper Cable Recommendation
I also have the NAD C-370 ( almost ready to smash it wth a hammer today with my little problem but its fixed now ) and i also replaced the jumpers. I noticed that it was more open and airy and just better. I used some $85 Silver plated copper Clar... 
Good 8' speaker cables under 200.00
Check out the AudioQuest Slate thats on sale at audioadvisor you can get a 10' pair for 100 bucks and save 61%. 
How BIG is yours?
Man, you guys have lots of music.. Amazing.... where do you find the time to listen to over a thousand cd's lol. I have a collection of maybe 50, i feel ashamed..Happy Listening 
Pink Floyd's "Echoes"
I love this album. Great CD.!! buy it! 
Speakers for the party system
LOL, i guess my idea of "good" speakers isint the same as yours lol. I always thought the Klipsch KLF 20 and 30 were really nice!. Those things are like 8-1000 dollars if im correct. I wount spend that much for party speakers, id just get some CV'... 
Best Budget Amp
Creek 4330 i think it is, or Cambridge audio a500, or a300...Or NAD C-350 All great amps i think, I have a NAD C-370 and am really happy with it.