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Anyone Know What VTL sounds like?
Anyone compared the VTL 2.5 to ARC LS8/ LS16? I´ll use it with a DNA-1 dlx amp. Thanks. 
Magnepan 3.5R buzzing
The wires on the back of the panels can come loose, that´s probably what has happened. Are you listening at very high volume levels? Good Luck! 
Speaker Cable Matching.
I´d stick to the same brand, but it´s perfectly ok using a 4TC/ 8TC combo. (or AQ Argent/ Midnight, etc) I´m using a double run of Argent. Good Luck! 
Anyone audition the Martin Logan Prodigy?
I heard the Prodigy at a HiFi show here in Sweden. Brent from M-L played some nice sounding CD´s, the bass was better integrated than in previous designs (I´ve owned Sequel II, SL-3 and reQuest) but the sound was a bit too analythical (cold) to my... 
What kind of amplification for Martin Logan SL3 ?
I´ve used a double run of Argent with the Logans, (Sequel II, SL-3, reQuest) it´s an excellent combo. Regarding the amp, McCormack is a great match. Happy hunting! 
Bass Cable-Copper or Silver?
I agree with Sam and Bob, use the same brand. The Midnight would be a great match. I´m using a double run of Argent with my DNA-1 dlx/ Maggie 3.6 combo. Good luck! 
Martin Logan Versus Magnepan
I prefer the 3.6´s over any of the Logans I´ve owned. (Sequel II, SL-3, reQuest) 
Best amplifier for Martin Logan SEQUEL III
McCormack is a great match. My DNA-1 dlx did a great job driving the Logans I´ve owned (Sequel II, SL-3, ReQuest) Happy listening! Hasse 
Mis-Matching Cables for Bi-Wired Speakrs
I would not suggest combining CV-4 with Crystal due to the capacitance and inductance differences between them. The cables used must either be identical, or must use essentially identical designs (like Midnight and Argent) BTW, anyone heard the ne... 
Anyone know the Martin Logan Ascent?
According to ML: "The SL-3 is being replaced by the new Ascend begining in Sept." The reQuest is on the drawing board for an upgrade but they will not be replaced this year. Happy listening Hasse 
Anybody tried the new AQ speaker cables?
Actually they are using silver in 3 of the new speaker cables (KE-4, Killmanjaro and Everest) and in the Amazon (inteconnect) I´ve heard that the new cables are much better than the "old" stuff. I´m currently using a double run of Argent. Happy li... 
Martin Logan SL3
You probably have dust collecting on the ESL element. Happy listening. Hasse (reQuest owner) 
Power Cords
Hi Craig Do you agree with Pops about the slow bass? I prefer a tight ,fast bass. The Cable Company says that the AC-Master is one of the best power cords with the DNA amps. Happy listening. Hasse 
Power Cords
I thought I could expect a tighter more detailed bass with the AC-Master on my DNA-1 dlx amp. What´s your comment on this hifinerd?