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Any experience with Arc ref75 driving magnepans
My amp now is a Pass labs xa30.5 only 30 watts but it doubles in 4 ohms.Yes, 30 watts in class-A. "While the XA30.5 may give 30Wpc into 8 ohms in class-A (14.8dBW), the distortion at this power level is low, at 0.015%. The amplifier doesn't actual... 
Pass x250.5 - Biwire?
Initial thoughts?........ 
Can a new amplifier affect speaker placement?
03-08-13: MezmoCould be that it is more capable, and that what you're hearing less of is actually a product of better control and more accuracy.This has been my experience with more powerful amps with good bass control 
Who is the KING of MONOS?
Thanks Bo, any difference in bass and power between the XA100.5 monos and the X250.5? 
Who is the KING of MONOS?
Bo1972, you earlier mentioned that prior to your Pass X-amp you were using XA100.5s. I was wondering if you prefer the X-series to the XA or why did you replace the 100.5s?I am intersted in both for my Magnepan 3.7´s. 
Pass Int-150 or Int-30A for PMC Speakers?
Bo1972,how would you describe the difference between the XA100.5 monos and the X250.5? Is the 250.5 really better than the 100.5???!!! 
What's Up with Magnapan at Shows?
@DonAny chance you could contact me? I have some questions regarding the XA-amps you are using.mettef@telia.com 
What's Up with Magnapan at Shows?
Look at Magnepan's published specs:Mg 3.6 34Hz to 45 KHz +/- 4dbMg 3.7 37Hz to 45Khz +/- ??? HzThat says it all, the 3.7 bass response is not as low! 3.7 specs say they reach down to 35Hz. 
Kimber Select 3033 versus 3035 and 3038
3033 is a copper cable. 3035 silver/copper and 3038 silver.I have tried the 3033 but preferred my AudioTruth Argent. 
Is NAD C372 Integrated good match w/ Maggie1.7's?
Some thoughts on amps for the 1.7 in this review 
Pass Labs XP-10 & XP-20 preamps
Muralman, was the bass loose with both the XA 100.5´s and the 600.5 on the Apogees? "I didn't get to hear the XA 100 monos on my speakers. I did get to hear them on the huge Full Range Apogees. That is a very special amp. The 600.5 amp is similar ... 
Amp upgrade from Bryston 4B
Thanks Dave"If you have a Pass Labs dealer in your area, have a listen and see."Unfortunately I do not have a dealer locally for auditioning. I am interested in either the 7/14B SST2 or the XA100.5 for my Magnepan 3.7´s. 
Amp upgrade from Bryston 4B
"I would upgrade to Class A solid state. Pass Labs, Accuphase, etc. The difference is not subtle."Dave, have you heard both Bryston and Pass XA? I would be very curious to hear how they compare. 
Synergistic Research - NEW Element Cables
For those of you who have heard the Element speaker cables, is there a big difference between Copper and Tungsten? 
Fuses that matter.
Thanks, so you prefer SR20 to HiFi Tuning? BTW, which model, Gold or Supreme?