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Krell fpb300/evo420e vs pass x350.5 any opinions?
So would I :( 
Krell fpb300/evo420e vs pass x350.5 any opinions?
Will you evaluate the XA100.5s as well? 
Audio Research Ref 250s for Magnepan 20.1s?
"Magnepan used to drive their 20.1s w/ an ARC VT200"Magnepan Tour 
Audio Research Ref 250s for Magnepan 20.1s?
They did a great job of driving the 20.7´s at a show in Sweden a couple of weeks ago but according to the dealer the Lamm M2.2 is even better.The Pass XA.5-amps are also considered a great match.REF250/MG20.7 
Maggie 3.6 Interconenct Upgrade
I would be curious to hear if anyone has compared the HiFi Tuning fuses to the new Synergistic Quantum. 
Fuses that matter.
Anyone tried the Synergistic fuse on Magnepans (3.7)? 
McIntosh or Bryston amps for Legacy Speakers
"In the last few days I have tried the Bryston 7B SST and the Pass Labs XA100.5 with quite different results. I have also used the Ayon Triton tube amp"It would be very interesting to hear how they compared. 
Magnepan 3.7 or PSB Synchrony One?
"The Maggies present a huge diffusive image, stunning high end detail, boomy bass, don't play loud, difficult to drive"The bass of the 3.7 is anything but boomy. 
Magnepan mg1.6 vs mg1.7 bass quality?
Pass also seems to be a great match, "Then I tried a set of Pass Labs XA100.5 mono amps with the 1.7 which immediately had me revising my opinions of the speakers";http://www.tonepublications.com/MAGPDF/TA_030.pdf 
If I had to pick one track it would be Alison Krauss & US "It Doesn´t Matter" from So Long So Wrong. 
Magneplanar 3.7 - recommended preamp and amp
"For that I recommend a Pass Labs" Why do you recommend Pass specifically? X or XA-series? 
Fuses that matter.
"The latest fuse on the block are those by Synergistic Research. They sound quite different than the HiFi Tuning Supremes"Tbg, in what way are the Synergistic fuses different from the HiFi Tuning?Wonder if they would be a better choice than the Su... 
Anyone heard of Audiostatic?
I used to own the 240 MD´s in the eighties. Could play loud but very tough to drive, good bass but rolled off highs, preferred the Magnepans.... 
Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
Hifinut, which of the Element IC´s did you prefer, the Copper or Tungsten? I am curious if both would be an upgrade over my current Accelerator or just a lateral move..... 
Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
"My point is that until you actually hear something in your own system, you need to take words like "better" and "dramatic improvement" with a big grain of salt. Both Elliot at Synergistic and John at the Cable Company were kind enough to allow me...