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Amp for Dynaudio Audience
You might want to add Simaudio to your short list of amps.."03/25/2002 - At the recent annual Montreal Hi-Fi show (Festival Son & Image), internet publication SoundStage! awarded the Simaudio, Dynaudio, Harmonic Technology suite with the disti... 
Looking for a SET amp to pair with MM DeCapo's
you'll probably get more responses to your question over on the Reference 3A Owners Circle;. Owner Circles -> Reference 3A. 
Opinions on digital interconnect
Nordost Silver Shadow RCA Digital Interconnect, used $275.00 
Phono amp recommendations
I second Springbok10's recommendation for the Eastern Electric MiniMax Phono Preamp. If you want to get an idea of how well it will work with a Shelter cartridge then you should read this review;.6moons minimax phono review. 
Best power cords in the $250-$400 range?
Good question...one I'm trying to answer myself right now.I suggest that you buy a few of these listed power cords used and then test them yourself in your system and see which sounds best to you. You can always sell the ones whichdon't float your... 
Power Cords on a $1000 budget what would you do?
If you find the Pure Note Paragons satisfying, then why don't you go with their power cords. The 3 cords would currently cost you just $800.00..1.0m: $500each.SALE:$250EACH2.0m: $600each.SALE:$300EACH. 
Bolts for Paradigm Studio 20s
No, but I find my Paradigm Studio 20 v.3s to be very stable sitting on a pair of made to measure Skylan stands without the need to use the speakers threaded bolt holes.Check them out at: http://www.skylanstands.com/ 
replacement for paradigm studio 20 v.3?
Before I upgraded my studio 20's I auditioned both the Paradigm Signature S2's and the Revel M-20's before opting to buy the MM De Capo i speakers. I highly recommend that you add them to your short list of upgrade options.Reference 3A MM De Capo ... 
Upgrade?Sim w5 Merlin vsm Ear 834 Clearaudio grado
I think the information which you are looking for in order to make an informed decision can be found on the Origin Live web site;System philosophy and uprading brochurehttp://www.originlive.com/system_brochure.pdf 
What preamp goes with sim audio w-5?
...a tube preamp!I'm using a Simaudio W-3 and a tube preamp but UHF Magazine has nothing but good reviews about the W-5 and they use one in their Reference system with a Copland CTA-305 tube preamp.For more info check out their web site;http://www... 
Amp for Dynaudio 1.3SE
You might want to have a look at the Simaudio line of amps as they seem to be paired with Dynaudio speakers by the manufacturers at audio shows.Simaudio News, http://www.simaudio.com/news.htm 02/18/2004 - Simaudio will be exhibiting at the annual ... 
Spend my $8,000 pt. 2
If your considering a Simaudio i-7 then you might want to also consider this combo of the Simaudio W-5 and Copland CTA 305. In addition to the five sets of line level inputs, the CTA 305 offers a high quality phono level amplifier. also see UHF, R... 
Best phono-pre for mc-systems below $ 1.500,00 ?
Put the Eastern Electric MiniMax Tube Phono Preamp on your short list - some of which are currently on sale on this site for $1350.00MiniMax Phono 6moons Review Audiogon - MiniMax Tube Phono Preamp . 
Reference 3A De Capo or Rogers LS3/5 ?
I use the Reference 3A MM De Capo i speakers with a Ming Da MC-7R tube pre and Simaudio Moon W-3 amp. I haven't heard either the Rogers LS3/5 nor theJadis DA5 so I can't comment. If you haven't done so already, you might wantto also post your ques... 
System advice and upgrade path?
I've recently added a Ming Da MC-7R tube preamp to my SimAudio Moon W-3 and Reference 3a MM de Capo-i monitors. I'm very pleased with the results. The UHFmag.com Reference System uses the Copland CTA-305 tube preamp with the SimAudio Moon W-5LE. F...