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Problems with U.P.S.
Fed Ex:....... as far as Fed Ex goes, we have had one damaged item with them (total, to and from) in the 8 years we have been using them. If we would have known the repair amount we woudln't have even bothered with the claim (*$35*). We haven't us... 
My wife is so uncool!
Story: We sold certain brand of black spkrs to a customer about a year ago. He wanted rosewood, but he bought black. Why? Because he figured he could swap the new spkrs with his old (about the same size) while his wife was out and figured she woul... 
My wife is so uncool!
This is not always true. I have been to MANY symphonies with various girlfriends over the years. They are/were usually the ones who arranged these outings. One arranged a surprise attendance to a symphony in Poland (Krakov) and another in Hungary ... 
Carver Corp Vanished? Help!
Did Bob Carver buy it bacK? 
Speakers: all-time worst
Gino- What were the results of the guy comparing his Bose radio to your Avalons??? ............................................ .................. Re: Speakers: all-time worst Hey guys-- Not only did Bose speakers suck, they didn't suck very well.... 
need an integrated amp, only 700$ left..
Audio Refinement. YBA gear at a budget price. A littl more than $700. 
Favorite AES/EBU digital cable
1m is OK. 1.5m is better (but not by much). Orchid is the best. Reducing the jitter (by reducing digital reflection) is not something that will only be improved with the Orchid. This is true of all AES/EBU cables. These claims of cables performanc... 
General Dynamics amp
Re: General Dynamics amp Are you interested in selling it? By Hellohifi on 04-22-00 
Problems with U.P.S.
Another damaged item arrived via UPS (ground) today (Marantz receiver). Our driver is great, but we can pass on the rest of the company. 
Demise of "Audio" magazine
We have a few *new* hard bound issues of past Directories. Willing to sell them, or, trade for years we are missing. brian@hellohifi.com 
Grace F-9E Stylus
Try the search engine on the AudiogoN home page. 
Marantz receiver
Try the search engine on the AudiogoN home page. 
Carver Corp Vanished? Help!
Are they back? 
Philips CD-80-a good deal?
Pioneer 414 DVD/CD player is cheap and good (and better than the Philips CD-80. 
thorens bargain?
We had a problem with the tone arm tube cracking (on the bottom) on these.