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Hum in the system
Magic Box for $100? Uh, no. Xantec makes a version of this for $8. brian@hellohifi.com 
Muse 18 VS. Genesis 900 Sub
Get real. FYI, the Muse Eighteen has been DISCONTINUED, and we don't have any (not new, demo, or used). I own one personally, and it's not for sale (nit until Muse offers a replacement, which will be no time soon). As you haven't listened to the M... 
Denon DVDs
Anyone know? 
ARC product history (Audio Research)
Pick up a copy of the Orion Blue Book ($150 for a new current copy, used $50-$100). It lists all ARC models, years made, original retails, and basic specs. 
My wife is so uncool!
Also, with speakers, we have noticed it's a good idea to let your better half pick the finish (or at least offer this to them). 
Frankfurt Show
Will any audiophiles (non industry related) be attending this show? 
Muse 18 VS. Genesis 900 Sub
Muse Eighteen is the hands down winner. I have owned both. If you want to compare a sub to the Eighteen you need to compare the higher dollar Rel, not the Genesis. The Eighteen should retail for well over $5,000. 
need advise on speaker buying
"Just in case you would ever care to listen to music also". Hmm. My pick for the best speaker mentioned thus far is Dunlavy. What is your reference? What experience has brought you this conclusion? What do I consider my reference? Hifi systems? A ... 
Speakers: all-time worst
Try selling hifi for a living, and the Bose bug will catch you. When asked what I do for a, living I answer: "I sell high end audio". Their reply: "Do you sell Bose?" (often pronounced: "Bossee"). Really gets old. 
Last CD purchase; M.L. 39 or Wadia 850?
Muse Model Nine or Nine S: CD/DVD/DAD. Optional volume control available. Everyone is so excited about these "new" formats. Muse had DVD/CD/DAD digial components out in 1998. 
Red Rose Music by Mark Levinson
No one heard any of it yet? 
U-571: 4 stars?
http://www.shreck.com/movie.php3?u571 U-571 fans take a look. 
Blue Book on Watt/Puppy 6?
If you want to what they are REALLY worth look at the prices people are selling them for. If you're going to offer sellers the "Blue Book Price" you're going to simply irritate most people with a rather low offer. One pair can be found for sale at... 
Speaker suggestions for Plinius, Muse...
"Muse model II pre-amp"? No such thing, no such model. These is a "Model Two" DAC. There was a Model One pre amp and there is current model Three pre amp and the new MAP (which can act as a pre amp among other things). Never heard of a "Plinius MK... 
Used CD network?
Try: http://www.afromix.org/disco/artistes/francis_bebey/index.fr.html OR http://www.africaonline.com/AfricaOnline/music/booth/cameroon5.html