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You should check the going rates on this site for the tables you have before selling them. This will give you an idea of their fair market value. 
The demise of "Fi Magazine"
I did call them. Got no where. Maybe if I pushed a bit more (to who?) maybe I would have gotten somewhere, but you can only spend so much time on a lost subscription, and 10 minutes was about our limit. Anyway, Fi wasn't the greatest magazine, but... 
Red Rose Music by Mark Levinson
Anyone heard any of the Red Rose gear yet? 
Hum in the system
First try a cheater plug. Place on one component at a time and see what happens. Let me know the results and we'll then go to the next step. 
Vote for best US made solid state amp
One of the best amps we have EVER heard are from MUSE. Best of all, look at the prices and build quality/quality of parts used (they use better parts than you will find in almost ANYTHING). Mono blocks for $4K? Incredible deal. BTW, I have owned a... 
Plinius 8150i??
Yes, it's about the best integrated you can buy (if there's a better one, I don't know what it woudl be). This component is very underpriced. Contact us for more info and customer comments. brian@hellohifi.com 
Blowen Amp, Looking for replacement, any thoughts
Try Lohman repair in Ca. They can proba ly fix it, and at a very good prioce (In most cases). Rich Lohman: ph818.706.3135 
Best of the small speakers
Dunlavy SM-1 monitors are the most impressive monitor we have ever heard. PLEASE compare them to B&W N805 (Stereophile runner up spkr of the year!). 
Levinson vs Threshold vs Plinius vs Bry
Levinson vs Threshold vs Plinius vs Bryston. Forget about Threshold or Bryston for ProAc's! ML, maybe, but probably not. Plinius is the superior choice for solid state. 
Help Audio Alchemy Blues
Dusty Vawter is the best person to contact for this: 805.382.9398 
Problems with U.P.S.
0 UPS shipments in 2000 = 0 problems. 1 UPS shipment in 1999 = 1 problem. 3 UPS shipments in 1998 = 2 problems. 1989 - 1997 had several problems (mainly with packages shipped to us). If you're not willing to double box and quadruple pack your hifi... 
Denon DVDs
Yes, we would also like to know. 
Whats type of digital cable is better?
This depends on what you're using it with. In most cases, we find AES/EBU works best. This varies. An exmple would be WADIA. With WADIA, we have never found anything to sound better than ATT. With Muse gear (w/o the I3W3 in/outs) we find AES/EBU i... 
The demise of "Fi Magazine"
BTW, when they closed, we never got anything for our remaining owed issues. 
The demise of "Fi Magazine"
Fi lacked a point... It never seemed to follow any type of format. Didn't hold (most) readers interest. Subscriptions weren't renewed, and they disappeared.