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Totems without Claws?
Thanks for the input guys.Now I simply need to decide whether to go for the Totems or a set of Thiels.Cheers.Chris 
Upgrading from Monitor Audio Silver 5i's?
Thanks for the advice Mike. This is an option I hadn't thought of. I guess that this means finding better capacitors at the same micro-Farad value (if I remember my EE classes), maybe different wires, etc.Hopefully I can to this without tearing my... 
Upgrading from Monitor Audio Silver 5i's?
Some additional info.I've done a number of searches and looked through reviews, websites, etc.Totem looks like it might be what I'm looking for.Has anyone heard these versus the MA's?Other ideas?Thanks, Chris 
Recommendation for REALLY inexpensive receiver
I've had the Outlaw 1050 for well over a year and am still very satisfied. Their website currently shows that they have "B"-stock units available for $439 plus shipping. That would save you $60 off the regular "A"-stock price.If your budget is rea... 
From a Newbie - How long should I wait?
Thanks for all the responses (including the one sent privately to me).As it turns out, the seller contacted me this morning and we have agreed on the sale. I'm glad that I waited.I know that some of us (including me) have to travel for our jobs an...