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Rogue Hera II
Ir you plan on running it balanced the noise floor might be a bit high. 
Class-D amps - a different re view
No soul.Sound hi-fi-ish.Have great catchy qualitys at 1st but lack musicality.Companys trying to appeal to the smaller (looks) is better crowd. 
Laser assembly for MBL 1531 cd.Cost and type used
P.SThe unit has never sounded better! 
Laser assembly for MBL 1531 cd.Cost and type used
I used a distilled water with 1/5 Isopropyl alcohol mixed.took a Q tip dipped it in and whiped the lens.followed by whiping the lens with the dry side of the Q tip.I loosend the Q tip cotton for less friction 1st also. 
Laser assembly for MBL 1531 cd.Cost and type used
Looks like it just needed a cleaning works fine now.Thanks Mike 
Your Favorate JBL's from the 70's
L 65's. 
Anubody had experience with Sumiko Black Bird?
Little thin sounding.Was not broke in before I lunch it.Be carefull open bodytype can be problems 
Wadia 301
Nordost works well with the 301.I'm running quadafil with the 301. 
I owned this pr for 8 yrs.They wil will play very loudAnd actually sound good at low volume.they're classic JBL sound bigger sounding than either spkr. 
NBS Audio Cables
NBS cables are pretty much the best you can buy.True NBS isn't that big of a company and mr fields pretty much is a one man show,but most truly hiend manufactures of cables are smaller companies.If you have a question regarding their cables...Audi... 
My CD player won't read CDR or CDRW
Double check your CDRs to make sure you finalized properly.Your recorder will read and play them,but no othere payer can read them if they're not finalized.Read your instructions again. 
SFCD-1, Theta Miles or Linn Karik?
I've owned the sfcd and now own the miles.The miles kicks but over the SFCD.The SFCD was a big disapointment,very soft,lack of solid bass,too relaxed,freq rolled off,over rated. 
Ayre V3 VS. Krell KSA 100 S
Hello,I to have heard both amps the v3 is by far the better of the two.Infact the v3 in my mind has no competition under $5000.Also I have a fully updated united sonically that I'm geting ready to post.I'm looking to move up to the v1.Email back i...