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Help, my system sounds lifeless!
Go to myspeakersetup.com for a solution to your problem. Why would anyone suggest curtains and wall hangings to help deal with "lifeless" sound? Those deaden the room, don't they? 
Bass is not enough !!! Speaker problem? Speaker cable? Power Amp? PC of Power Amp?
The speakers are too close to the wall. How long will it take for you folks to realize that the combination of equipment and the way you push minute voltage fluctuations through wire and fuses pales in comparison to the importance of how your ears... 
Bass is not enough !!! Speaker problem? Speaker cable? Power Amp? PC of Power Amp?
I feel it's not the room that is the most important, but how the air volume of the room and your ears are pressurized by the speakers. Speaker placement is everything. I invite you to see my website - myspeakersetup.com, read ALL the articles, the... 
£15k $22k to spend on speakers...but which?
I would go with Joseph Audio Perspectives and two REL S3 subs. Unmatched dimensionality, see through mids, sweet top end. 
Two or More Subwoofers?
2 G2s - Stereo subs are fabulous for spatiality, and the G series are very fast to blend well with Maggies 
Need a subwoofer reccomendation.....
Rockport Avior or Magico S5
If it was me, I would add stereo RELs to the Veritys. The dimensionality and scale that double RELs add to an existing excellent system such as yours is just this side of astounding. 2 S5 or G2 subs would be way less money than replacing your spea... 
Speaker positioning toe and tilt
Toe-in affects center image focus. Tilt affects image height and soundstage "blossom". Chack out my website for a step by step method to optimize both. myspeakersetup.com 
Musical Fidelity KW500 and Rowland Continuum S2
I have owned Rowland for over 12 years now - it never distorts, or gets hot, and has never given me even 30 seconds of trouble. Rowland sounds completely neutral, with great detail and clarity. Rowland wins - hands down - no contest. Plus - it's g... 
Getting phantom image perfectly centered
I invite you to check my website myspeakersetup.com and read the speaker setup article. Try not to be so focused on measuring - put your tape measure away and listen with your heart. I would definitely toe the speakers in a little and rake them ba... 
Help with room and equipment placement please
For the most help with placement issues see my website myspeakersetup.com and read the article on speaker setup 
Dynamic speakers for Marantz SC-7s2/MA-9s2 $10K?
Joseph Audio Pearl 2's if budget allows - or Joseph Perspectives and a REL sub 
Speaker placement
Glad things went well adjusting rake - kinda fun! I'm convinced that neither dealers nor manufacturers really focus too much on imaging, they're more concerned about tone. I went to a local Avalon dealer to hear the "Time" model, and the center vo... 
Speaker placement
Do yourself a favor - put away your tape measure and listen with your heart. Check out my description of the Master Set process on myspeakersetup.com