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Audio Research d79 blows plate fuse
Output tubes. When were they replaced last? 
New KT150 tubes?
People please do not ask ARC what the status of the KT-150 is. Thanks. 
New KT150 tubes?
Nothing yet from ARC. 
Primaluna-TungSol KT120s in triode mode
The KT-120 sounds different in each manufacturers amp. If the amp was voiced with the KT-77 then it would sound better with the KT-77. ARC amps that are designed to use KT-120's sound better with that tube. 
Tung sol 6550 tube smell??
The ink on the tubes smells a bit when first powered up. It goes away in a few hours. 
ACCUPHASE E-202 restauration advises?
That amp is built like a tank! Good luck with the rebuild. 
Audio Research LS9 volume control is not working..
If you are located in the California I can take care of it for you. 
Audio Research LS9 volume control is not working..
Mitch this problem is usually caused by a chip or chips that control the volume. 
Repair-Restoration Tech for Vintage Sansui Amps??
Terry Dewick is awesome and knows his stuff! 
Repair-Restoration Tech for Vintage Sansui Amps??
Just be advised to the fact that some series of vintage Sansui amps have issues with the glue that was used to hold the capacitors to the circuit board. That glue, over time, became caustic and started to corrode the leads on the capacitors themse... 
Problem with AR Ref 300 Mk II - any experience?
The first problem I always see is a customer buys a used ARC amp for a good price and then after a few months the fuses start blowing or outputs start arcing. Moral...No one sells a used ARC amp at a good price with new ARC tubes in it.The second ... 
Problem with AR Ref 300 Mk II - any experience?
Output tube can go at any time. Tubes last approx. 2000 hours in ARC equipment. After that it's like Russian Roulette. 
New KT150 tubes?
Still life testing and it is unclear if ARC will even sell these tubes due to the cost of each tube. I was told the tube exhibits a superb midrange. When I hear something after CES, I will post it to the thread. 
anyone use KT120's or KT110's tubes in MAC 275 ?
Check with McIntosh regarding the use of KT-120's in your Mc275. The KT-120 will sound different depending on the amp, speakers, etc. 
Alternative to 12AX7-EH tube needed...new to tubes
I've always found U.S. 5751's to be a bit noisy and microphonic. How are the JJ's 5751's vs. the JJ ECC803s? Anyone??