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ARC VT-200 Cooling Fan Noisy, nit picking?
I saw a mod a while back for fans that we're much quieter. I wish I could remember where I read it. I believe it used some high quality computer fans but, I'm not certain. Do some googling and you may find it. I have a VT-200 and have mine closer ... 
ARC Ref 3: Tube Rolling?
Arahl,Where did you obtain the Tung Sol 6550 you mentioned? 
Pass Labs 350.5 or 600.5 owners--breakin time.....
I had a 350 & now the 350.5. They both took 250 to 300 hours. The .5 was the shorter of the 2. In my experience they take you on a bit of a roller coaster ride, great one day, bad the next until the break in. But they will in time. Be patient. 
New Beatles Box Sets
I am extremely disappointed with the quality of these discs.The distortion on Please Please Me & I'm Looking Through You, made me regret spending $46. Not ONE of the other discs was an improvement over previous releases. As a radio programmer ... 
Nakamichi PA-7AII , for owners or anyone who knows
Michael,The weight is about 62lbs. Power is 225 watts into 8ohms and about 325 into 4ohms. Please let me know if there's anything else you need to know.Tim 
WADIA 861 versions question
Bigcapo,The 861 came with 3 filter settings. You can access these with the sideways arrow button on the upper right of the remote above the phase/polarity button. You then use the up & down buttons (volume) to toggle through A,B & C then t... 
Retubing ARC sp11: Suggestions?
I'd talk to Steve at Great Northern Sound, He's a guy who's opinion & expertise I trust. He's never steered me wrong. He's also a wiz with ARC mods & knows the ins & outs. Good luck,Tim 
New Al Stewart remasters: any good?
Recroom,Compare to the original Arista releases these are an improvement. They're not the best I've heard but they're not bad. I think you'll enjoy them.Tim 
Nakamichi Pa-7 Nakamichi CA-5 Noise Problem Input
I too had a similar problem. I floated the ground on the amp(cheater plug) and the problem diminished. I also took two 75 to 300ohm transformers and connect to 300ohm sections together. that'll give you two 75 ohm f connectors to patch into your c... 
Wadia think I should put my new 270se on???
You may also want to talk to Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. He has some aftermarket carbon fiber cones that fit the Wadia perfectly. These a are an easy swap and I thought they made a wonderful improvement to my 861 that was modded by Stev... 
Esoteric DV-50 break in
Thanks gentlemen, after two weeks it's still somewhat closed in but, I am rotating formats and using the Cardas/Ayre burn in disc.Tim 
Sound Quality of "Forty Licks"
Richard,The SACD/CD series is far better than 40 Licks. Licks, isn't as terrible as the original cd realeases of the Stones stuff but it's not great either.Tim 
Power Cable for Wadia 860X
Jla,I've used a Synergsitic Designers Ref Squared, Res Ref MKIIand Nordost Eldorado. I believe the Nordost works best andused they're around $300.Good luck, 
Audio Research CD3
Tony,The British magazine HiFi News did a review of the CD-3 in the Feb issue. Ken Kessler was the reviewer, bottom line,he really liked it.Tim 
6H30-"Super Tube" or "Stuper Tube" ???
Chazzbo,No you can't swap out the 6H30 for the 6922, the super tuberequires higher operating voltages.Tim