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Should I
I remember those amps well.  That was the first really nice amp I heard.  I don’t know about recapping, but that is a very high quality amp and worth keeping up with whatever it needs.  I totally disagree that you will find any used amp that’s eve... 
Best Class D GaNFET Amp Comparison. Who to invite?
I live in Anacortes, so coming to Seattle with my two amps is doable.  I currently have the HifiRose RA180 and NAD M33.  I am very familiar with those two amps.    
Best Class D GaNFET Amp Comparison. Who to invite?
I would definitely say the HifiRose RA180 is the best sounding class D Ganfet I’ve ever heard.  
Whittling down my choices to a final few pair...
The amps you are considering seem to be poorly matched with the speakers on the list.  Synergy makes all the difference.  
A Skeptics Digital Upgrade Journey
It’s physically and electrostatically impossible for a cable to make any difference whatsoever!    Ha!  Just kidding.  For those of us who actually try things and listen over and over, we are part of the cool kids club.  Good job going through th... 
Speakers with deep/powerful bass
I love my KEF Blades!  Great bass for sure and it fills my room and sounds amazing.  Definitely the most full range speakers I’ve ever had.  
Hifi Rose RA180
I have been using the RA180 again and today I decided to add a powered sub to the “subwoofer “ output and to my horror, this is a FIXED LEVEL OUTPUT!!!  I tested it three times to be absolutely sure, but I was correct.  At volume zero, the sub out... 
Please tell me the wait will be work it......my rack
I am very pleased with the Solidsteel racks, they seem like a good value.  I can’t say it transformed the sound of my system, but high quality and solid feel/look.  My system does sound extremely good though, so maybe it IS the rack!  
The revolution has begun!
I’m loving the sound from my Hifi Rose RA180 and NAD M33, both are excellent and rewarding to listen to.  Class D has come a long way.  But when I truly want bliss, I always come back to my Classe mono blocks.  Clearer, better imaging, warmer, les... 
The revolution has begun!
This is definitely not new!  Tact had something very very similar starting in 1998, YEARS ago.  A pure digital amp.  The volume control was one of my very favorites.  Smooth like butter.  It makes my feet itch when people make blanket statements t... 
Streamer/CD ripper
I use the HifiRose RS150B with their external cd ripper and I added a several TB Samsung SSD drive inside.  I use this as my DAC as well.  Works great, sounds great and I really love the screen.  It’s very flexible.  
Hifi Rose RA180
LS60 has a combination of class D and class AB amps inside.  I truly believe that the implementation of different technologies is definitely more important than making blanket statements that one technology is always better than another.  In my sy... 
Hifi Rose RA180
I would sincerely urge you ricevs to listen to a pair of KEF LS60 speakers.  The sound quality is INSANE.  Everything you just mentioned.    
Hifi Rose RA180
Hey there.  I’ve had the new RA180 for a couple months now and right off the bat it has amazing detail and clarity and bass.  Bass was immediately more substantial when compared to the NAD M33 that I have on hand.  This was in bridge mode, so it’s... 
Advice? Less than $4k, solid state preamp, neutral to gentle
The Hattor is super nice.  It sounds incredible.