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spend on the streamer or on the DAC ?
Boy, it sounds like a lot of us are at the same place at the same time.  I was quite happy streaming from my Bluesound Vault 2i and simply using the DAC built into my surround processor and everything was great.  Then the bug hit and I decided to ... 
Should people who can't solder, build or test their speakers be considered audiophiles?
Kenji, is that you? 
Advice on trustworthy audio resellers who check condition, offer trial period?
echohifi.com. These guys are in Portland, Oregon and they are great.  Always new great stuff. 
Moving up from a Node 2i
Dang, this is all very bad news!  I've been using my Vault running to my external DAC, and like a lot of people was under the impression that it was just ones and zeroes as well!  Ozzy, thanks for asking the question, and I'm eager to see how this... 
Forever speakers around $5000
I had great luck with the Magnepan 1.7i and SVS SB-16 Ultra subwoofer.  It's a great combination and the Adcom GFA-555 is a wonderful amp to run them.  You would have a hard time coming up with a better combo than this.  A little hard work getting... 
WTB JBL speaker
usually, when a user name has underscore and a bunch of numbers, it’s a scam. Beware! 
Verastarr---Magnepan Upgrade
I just installed the Verastarr upgrades in my Magnepan 3.7i speakers and I'm happy to say the sound has improved.  Not by very much, but it is another layer of detail that I'm hearing.  Mike is super knowledgeable and  pleasure to work with.    
Recommendations for high quality Streaming Audio:
I have the Bluesound Vault, which is similar to the node.  For best performance, run CAT6 to the Node, but you wouldn’t need to run CAT6 to your laptop.  You control the Node with laptop, phone, or tablet wirelessly.  I’m extremely happy with mine... 
Amps with meters ...
I’m so in love with the SAE 2HP-D.  Not only do you get meters, but you can change the display to spectrum analyzer as well!  It was love at first sight for me and I get to bring one home next week to audition on my Magnepan 3.7i speakers. 
sellers trying to sell used product for 10-20% off of list price
I just paid full price for a pair of Magnepan 3.7i.  I would love to see where I could have purchased them for 30% off!  I am totally happy paying full price and can trade them in a year and get ALL my money back on a trade. What does a discount s... 
Power regenerators vs conditioners
So, I’ve been really wanting power regeneration for a while and went out and bought a fairly inexpensive SurgeX piece for my system.  I told my friend about it and he said DONT USE IT!  I asked why and he explained that I have a dedicated 20 amp c... 
High value, giant killer speakers?
Magnepan are my absolute favorite for the money.  I just upgraded from 1.7i to 3.7i and couldn’t be happier! The sound is really hard to believe. Unfortunately, unless you have a truly powerful good quality amp, you will be very disappointed.  My ... 
How much discount typically for a new MC275 to expect from a dealer?
What does a discount sound like? 
StraightWire Thunder on processor, and both amplifiers.  Audioquest Thunder on power conditioner.  Audioquest NRG-Y3 on all other components including subwoofers. 
Sub to complement KEF LS50s: SVS vs. Rythmik
I’m currently using LS50 and two SVS SB-16 Ultra and I have been SUPER impressed with the SVS subs.  The only down side I can mention is size and weight.  Besides that, they integrate perfectly with the LS50 speakers.  The sound stage is wide and ...