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What brands tend to have the worst resale value?
I have four Sunfire Subs in my basement that NOBODY wants to buy!  Man, they are great subs, but old news today apparently.  I upgraded to twin SVS SB-16 Ultra subs and they are a lot more along the lines of what people are looking for.  And of co... 
The best speaker for a small room...at any price point.
Wilson Duet is my easy first choice  
Only $800 to work with streamer/power for 3rd system
Bluesound Power Node is exactly the product I thought of first.  I use a Vault in my system and love it!   
What brand was better than it is today?
Velodyne is a big one for me.   
Indy Audio Labs Acurus Act4
I am currently using the Act4 and it is just incredible the sound quality it provides even with just two channel listening.  I had the NAD and did a head to head comparison in my living room and the Act4 was quite a bit better in terms of sound qu...