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Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
I've had a pair of AR-LST speakers in continuous use since 1975. During the Covid lock downs, I  replaced the grills and had the cabinets refinished - so they look brand-new. They sound better since the rehab, perhaps because of a new set of gaske... 
Jazz for aficionados
@dmk_calgary You are welcome. I "discovered" PFE inadvertently, while reviewing the new jazz releases on Qobuz. If you're on a classical kick, this is one of my favorite classical recordings: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/18370780?ev=rb ... 
Jazz for aficionados
Another Canadian group, Peace Flag Ensemble: https://peaceflagensemble.bandcamp.com/album/astral-plains Brand-new album, also on Qobuz...  
Mac Mini As A Streaming Source
I believe JRiver Media Center for MAC and JRemote (iOS) will do what you want to do. You can try JRiver Media Center free of charge for 30 days. JRemote (iOS) would cost you $9.99. In any case, it wouldn't cost much to try it out. It would take so... 
Replace HDD in Sony HAP Z1ES with an SSD...but wait, there is more!
Using an external hard drive docking station would probably work too.  
Aiyima A5 Pro does not send sound to output from USB
If the headphone output on your DAC doesn't work, the problem is probably with the DAC itself (defective), selection of the wrong DAC input source, or with your connections to the DAC from your PC.  
Aiyima A5 Pro does not send sound to output from USB
On your Windows PC: you might look at Settings -> System -> Sound -> Output. You should see a drop down menu there (Windows 10). Your DAC should hopefully be one of the output choices. You might also check the volume while you are there.  
Jcat network xe on pc server for roon
Here’s a possible solution to reduce network noise with your internet connection: https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/systemoptique/products/opticalmodule-deluxe The components you’d need would cost just over $700. For a PC card, thi... 
Jcat network xe on pc server for roon
Howard Kneller at "The Listening Chair" has a two-part Youtube review for these products. They were posted about 6 months ago at his Youtube page. He liked both products very much. However, there may be other ways to go that might be cheaper. I ... 
Questions on PC audio calibration
I haven't tried this, but it might help you: https://www.roomeqwizard.com/ It's free!    
The one, the only Garth Hudson.
If you're an instagram user and Garth Hudson fan, there's a very short video of Hudson playing Duke Ellington's "Sophisticated Lady". It's a recent video. The instagram handle is @the_band_official. He plays the song with a Monkish touch, imho. Yo... 
Songs with excellent advice?
John Hartford, "Don't Leave Your Records in the Sun"  
Some more modern jazz piano trios
Connie Han, Bill Charlap, and Vijay Iyer. Also a little-known pianist out of Minneapolis, Laura Caviani All can be found on Qobuz.    
Cheap Chromebook fine?
I streamed music from a laptop (not a Chromebook) for several years. Biggest objection was very loud fan noise from the computer. I think this would be worth researching before selecting a device.  
Dust Settled Consensus- is the Benchmark AHB2 an Audiophile Amplifier?
I've had an AHB2 amp for around 6 months. It's a perfect fit with my ancient AR-LST speakers. Owners of this amp may need to experiment with the sensitivity switch to get the best results. The sound from my system with the ABH2 is very much depe...