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Music for "Tough Times"
During the tough times--of which there have been a few lately--I find myself retreating into the music of Badfinger. It's my solace and my shelter. 
Jena Labs - Any experience?
S23: I'm using the Tenor 300 tube hybrids--same as Panorama. The Jenas mate extremely well with those amps. 
The best speaker you ever heard?
While the 1A, with the outboard crossovers, may be better still, the 1B is as good as I've personally heard. There may be speakers that do this or that a wee bit better, but the Kharma bests them all by being *consistent*. It excels at everything,... 
Jena Labs - Any experience?
I have the Jena Pathfinder balanced ICs and speaker cables. To my ears, they're the best I've heard. Fabulous cables that seem to do absolutely everything right. If they have a weakness, it might be their price--but, then again, I've heard things ...