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"Get Better Sound"
FWIW - there is a longer thread on this topic over in "Best of" - "Is Jim Smith's Book, "Get Better Sound", Best Book?"Note, although my member name is "hornguys" (from the time when I imported Avantgarde Acoustics Hornspeakers), I am actually Jim... 
RIP J Gordon Holt
Gmuffley said: "A legend in his own time."True.And maybe rarer still, he was NOT "A legend in his own mind"...I also posted over at AA about what I think set him apart.We were blessed to have him lead the way for so many years.Best regards,Jim Smith 
Subwoofers for Magnepan 20.1s?
I recently voiced a pair of Martin Logan CLXs with the M-L Descent i subs.They were smooth, went deep, were lively and dynamic, and blended almost seamlessly with the CLXs.From that experience, I'd suggest that the Descents would go nicely with th... 
Suck out at 165 hz...can't find the cause
In the boundary dependent region - below 300 Hz - moving the listening location - even slightly - nearly always produces a much more noticeable difference than moving speakers or room treatments.Best,Jim 
Is Jim Smith's Book"Get Better Sound"Best Book ?
Not a teaser, but a suggestion. The table of contents is on the getbettersound dot com website. 
Considering a change. Avantgarde for Wilson.
As much as a better CDP or preamp or amp can improve things, they can't begin to compare to getting the speakers to "play the room" with the components you currently have.Buying more or better components without first fully addressing the potentia... 
Considering a change. Avantgarde for Wilson.
Bgordon, I do have a bit of experience at getting the best from Avantgardes in installations and at shows. Perhaps I could help you. In general, where are you located? 
Power amp s for Avantgarde Duos?
Some of these would have to be used, some not:Audiopax 88s, Viva Solista, BAT VK55 or VK 55SE, First Watt F4, Pass Labs Aleph 30 or 3, Used Tom Evans Linear A, Pass Labs XA 30.5, Art Audio PX-25 (if you can handle the low power). 
avantgarde duo spikes or plastic feet ?
Hands down the GPA Apex footers. On the rails, not the subs.Horn cylinder and sub mounting bolts tight. 
Bi-amping Avantgarde Duo's
Whart is essentially correct.Avantgardes have been criticized for the bass not blending well with the mid horn. Some of us know that can be pretty much a non-issue with careful voicing.Using the line level input makes it all that much more difficu... 
Senior Audiophiles - Audiophile since the 60-70's?
Going on 63.What was your favorite decade and why?70s.What are your thoughts of the current state of Audio?Generally better, but more cynical.Would you trade your current system for a past system?No. 
Best CD player money can buy ? MBL, Nagra, Naim?
Agreed on the Ayre C5-xe for a one-box player. 
xover settings for Avantgarde owners - survey.
Everyone who's posted above, most of whom I know, have DUOs. 140 for DUOs.190 for UNOs. Any lower and you'll lose cohesiveness and the sound will be weak in the power response region. As I posted above, 190 is pretty much non-negotiable on the UNO... 
Stealth M5000
Agree with Tbg.Best I've ever heard in power cables, and not by a small margin.In fact, I had a pair of large SET amps here, which sounded slightly thick - even a tad muddy, especially in the bass.Utterly transfomed the amp's "thickness", and it's... 
Please help - 3 top-of-mind choices for Avantgarde
Since the UNOs are less efficient than other Avantgardes, and we can't be in your room, nor know what is loud enough for your tastes, I'd day that a sufficiently powerful and good SET should be great.Just to be on the safe side re the comments abo...