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Ayre Codex
I have both Ayre units - QB9 DSD & Codex. I find myself preferring the Codex. 
Everyone is selling their Ayre QB-9 DSD's??
Ayre Codex 
Everyone is selling their Ayre QB-9 DSD's??
proper Tannoy Canterbury room set up
Arthur,I started out with Viva Auroras. Moved to The LARS Type II with 300B-XLS.Now use ASR Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue -http://jeffsplace.me/wordpress/?p=3109 
Anything as " fast" as SPECTRAL gear?
*Is "fast" a desirable attribute?* 
proper Tannoy Canterbury room set up
*I elevated my Canterburys not for tweeter performance, but for overall Dynamics, Presence and Tone - greater musical involvement.They sound less boxy and more like music. IMO, of course.FWIW - most recently I had a client listen during a RoomPlay... 
Best 845 SET mono amps?
Magico S5 vs Tannoy Westminster Royal SE
'"Well, it does not look like they have managed to achieve this goal..."Usermanual, may I ask what is the basis for your statement?Thanks!Best, Jim Smith' 
Magico S5 vs Tannoy Westminster Royal SE
'Thanks, peterayre!Nice of you to apologize, but none is needed.The Canterburys have tone to spare, so thinking it could be from the cabinet had me wondering. :)Best,Jim' 
Magico S5 vs Tannoy Westminster Royal SE
'Hi Peterayer,Where have you found info from Tannoy suggesting the cabinet is meant to resonate?Not a trick question since as you know, I have modified Tannoy Canterburys and I prefer them to most anything else (no recommendation at all - just wha... 
'Holographic Sound Stage?'
I probably should restate my position. I'm all for a great soundstage, in fact, I always end up with one when voicing a system.However, I feel that it can serve as more of a distraction if the main event - the music's impact - is not portrayed as ... 
Review: Transparent Audio REF XL Speaker cable
Great review, Peter.I have three comments.1-I try to be as product neutral as I can. However, in this case, I'd like to relay some actual business history.As you know, in the 80s & early 90s, I ran a high-end retail shop. Of all the vendors we... 
Speaker Spikes - do the shake test
'The best spikes - None at all.IMO, of course. :), 
Looking for opinions on Tannoy Prestige line.
*"Do they sound boxy?"Not if set up properly."Can they do electronic music?"They can excel at it.* 
Avantgarde UNO set-up tips needed
*Although I have watched this thread (since the first post) with interest, I have never heard from Nvp, which of course is perfectly fine.Glad to hear that his system is coming around to him.Best,Jim Smith*