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anybody got Halide USB DAC ??
Yes. I bought it as a back-up when I am on RoomPlay voicing sessions, in case my Ayre QB-9 failed for some reason.Though the Ayre has never had a hiccup, I have listened to the Halide at length. It's simply a steal at its price 
Question About Tube Dampers
I've not heard any tube damper that actually helped the sound.IMO, they do change it. But not for the better.But I've not heard them all. 
bass traps
Hi Brian,I do not seem to have the images. If you sent them, please send them again.Best regards,Jim Smith 
Why has Avantgarde Quality Slipped ?
...with hundreds of transactions, I never once encountered Avantgarde doing anything but the right thing, every time. Plus, their product reliability was (and I assume still is) exceptional. 
Is Jim Smith's Book"Get Better Sound"Best Book ?
Douger,Thanks for your kind comments.I might mention that we were using a pair of amps that sell for $1895 new. :) 
10K$ Speakers for 845 SET amplification
Tannoy Kensington 
You're right - I have no business commenting on the speaker cables which I never heard.I did have the latest XLR ICs.It's only my personal opinion that they cannot survive at these price points without a more compelling story that reaches many mor... 
I've heard the 1M & 3M ICs.In many ways the most musically invovling sound I've ever heard from a cable.But when I found out their prices, I sent them back. I don't believe any company can survive at those price points, especially the speaker ... 
Thoughts on Audio Research D70
In the mid 80s, I used to put the D-70 on Quad 63s (with custom stands) for my clients.Sometimes used Entec subs, sometimes not.To this day, some of the most lifelike and stunningly involving music reproduction I was ever privileged to hear (withi... 
Opinions on Tannoy Canterbury SE?
Mike,How close are you to Atlanta? 
Speakers sound best facing wall????
I meant to say face-down as the position that was least offensive for me from some speakers. 
Wilson Sasha or W/P match with Pass Labs
XA-100 or XA-160 if you can afford themX-250.5 is still an awesome combo with them. 
Pass Labs XP 30 VS Ayre KXR Pre
I've now heard these on several occasions.Depending on yor system/room interface, you might pick the Pass if you are looking for a slightly warmer forgiving sound.You might pick the Ayre if you are looking for a more dynamic, involving sound.Both ... 
Magico Q7 . . . wow
Agreed.Better dynamics will help most of the "high-end" spearkers out there, even the great ones. 
Room treatments - GIK Vs Acoustimac
My only probelem with Acoustimac was that their quoted ship dare was not met, then not met the next day after I called and was promised it would go out, then not met for two more days.Guess I am old fashioned. Do what you say, and do what your say...