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Speakers sound best facing wall????
I've heard some speakers that I really prefer in that position. 
Your jaw dropping cables
1M & 3M Teo balanced XLR-XLR cables - for two reasons:1. Unexpectedly involving musical performance in a number of areas.2. At $5,000 for a 1M pair and $17,0000 for a 3M pair, jaw-dropping is a totally inadequate description of my reaction whe... 
Speaker spikes on concrete or wood floor best?
My reasoning is simply from listening.Everyone who hears the comparison always agrees. A lot of head shaking goes on as people cannot believe they been led to believe this myth.The sound goes from tight "audiophile" bass to realistic sounding bass... 
Speaker spikes on concrete or wood floor best?
No Spikes. Ever. Not turntables and definitely not speakers,no matter what is claimed for them. At least not where compellingly musical sound is concerned.And concrete is vastly inferior to wood as as surface to support real music.Should have said... 
What is the best amplifier for Tannoy Kensington ?
I don't know what is the best, per se.I've had good luck driving my Canterburys with several amps.Does ss or tube make a difference to you? 
Floorstanders with a large sweetspot
Sorry, the phase cancellation from unequal path-lengths for centrally placed images (as an example) not only sound markedly different off-axis, they MEASURE differently.IMO, having a wide spot to sit to hear centered images with their ENTIRE FREQU... 
Floorstanders with a large sweetspot
IMO, there is no such thing as a wide sweet spot.But maybe I am missing your intent.What is a wide sweet spot to you? 
Increasing height of stand-mount -- what to expect
I might suggest first tilting them back to see it presents a better sound when roughly at the same height.Then, if the mid-treble balance is better, any differences in height related to floor bounce can be heard by shimming the existing stands wit... 
Bass amp for a tri-amped system?
IME, you can definitely optimize certain aspects with various amps that address a particular range better.But in the long run, after you've gotten used to the sonic effects of that combo, the more cohesive and musically compelling sound from match... 
is ayre qb-9 dac better than cx7e mp?
If the QB-9 loses out to the C5, it's a possibility that the computer system wasn't fully performing. I'm not saying that it wasn't - but it is a possibility. It took awhile before I got my MBP and QB-9 to move beyond the C5's performance.It wasn'... 
Avantgarde or Tonian?
Avantgardes, if I set them up.... :) 
Noise eater
'I have not tried the EAT. It might be the one to get.When I tried other products that made similar claims, they did reduce noise.And musical dynamics.. 
is ayre qb-9 dac better than cx7e mp?
'My QB-9 edged out my C=5xeMP. In my system, in my room. Others may have different views.. 
Are High End Audio Products Unreliable?
'This is not my experience at all.Cannot recall a component failing in a number of years, at any price point.I've probably been a bit lucky, but the results are far different from the OPs experience.. 
Zu Essence vs. Druid Mk4/08
'"Harshness & glare" are not words ever expressed by those who have heard the Essences here at my demo room.I HAVE heard statements like "Best Zu sound I ever heard" on many occasions, however...Including similar statements by one of their res...