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tube pre suggestions
Lector Zoe - my best kept secret... 
Musical fidelity A5.5 Vs Arcam CD 37
I've just got a great deal on the MF 5.5 and what can I say - straight out of the box - great player - huge soundstage with immaculate warmth and detail. Also - built like a tank. Never heard the Arcam though. 
recommendations for a sub $2000 cdp
rsjm80It's mainly redbook (classical/jazz/rock). Anyone had the chance to match the ARC cd3 with the cary 303/300 and also the MF A5 ? 
recommendations for a sub $2000 cdp
T boneCall me old fashioned but I like to see the computer under my desk and a CDP in my stereo cabinet but i'll do some research on your post. Thanks 
musical fidelity A5.5 - any opinion ?
GetheleadoutOnce in a while the Esound has problems reading cd's. That started annoying and I might have a good deal on the MF 5.5 so I thought to myself....why not 
affordable long run IC
Jb0194output impedance of the Lector zoe is 250 ohm while input impedance of the JRDG 201 is 40 Kohm. in terms of the 1 to 10 ratio i'm ok. any additional thoughts or recommendations ? 
affordable long run IC
thanks to all so far.I'll be running unbalanced since my pre is only unbalanced. 
class d - anyone compared bel canto/CI/wyred4sound
Kiwimy contenders give a clue of my budget - around 2 grand for a new or used amp. from all the posts i learn that i should probably go with BC which i can probably get for 2.2 used. DOB - i currently own the Lector Zoe - a tube pre which I really... 
Tube Pre, budget $1K?
I was also on the run for a $1k tube pre until someone recommended me the Lector Zoe. Lector who i asked - thats not the usual suspect (cary/CJ/ARC etc.). I gave it a try and my system got upgraded by a few notches since. 
Is there a killer preamp for 1500?
Try to find every now and then a used Lector Zoe on Agon. An amazing pre that does'nt get the appreciation it deserves.Bought it a month ago - such a wide sounstage and rich musicality. 
IC advice
added to the list HGA silver lace.any responses ?thanks 
Tubes and light weight bass
Thanks for all comments so far.I definately want to keep my tube amps for their overall advantage (to my taste - is it). I will try some of your suggestions and see if there is any improvement.I will try playing with speaker positioning although m... 
Tubes and light weight bass
Thanks so farjalapenos - yes i do think the EL34 advantage in mids is essential. I'll try and roll in some EH 6CA7's. Also will try to load my speakers with ledshot or dry sand to tighten the bass.i'll update. 
Best CD Player under $1200
for me also the Esound E-5 is a winner - built and performance way above it's price tag