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ARC ref 5SE question
StewartDo you know that based on your time with an Audionet Pre ?I don't have an option to audition it and don't want to throw major $ without hearing it. 
ARC ref 5SE current or past owners
Thanks I will be able to audition. I'm hesitant as for the impedance matching with my amp in balanced.Do you use it balanced or single ended ? 
Need recommendations on phono amp upgrade
I've recently went from BMC MCCI which is a great phono by itself to a NVO SPA 2 SE and it is one hell of a phono stage.Generates quiet a bit of heat but just out of the box it's a world class unit and it keeps getting better by the day. 
best value current production tonearm
MacdadI always look at the transfi and then think to myself that with my "2 left hands" I will probably get stuck in the middle trying to mount it. It looks soooo difficult to handle... 
colibri vs. Benz lp-s
Thanks CorbyAny other cart you find superior to both ? 
What after a Lyra Delos, if any ?
HiSince my original question was taken to another side (no problem with that), I've opened another post on a comparison between VDH colibri and Benz lp-s. 
What after a Lyra Delos, if any ?
BeatlebumYou mention the colibri - did you or anyone else compare it to benz lp-s which is a cart for me to consider ? 
What after a Lyra Delos, if any ?
When reading again my post it seems as if I think it's the best cart in the world and I know it's probably not...I love its musicality, bass extension and resolution.So I wonder where else to look to get more from my analog rig within a budget of ... 
Analog Impressions from Munich High End 2015
Looks like a competition for the ugliest TT available ? (beside the "regular" looking Feickert..). 
Aesthetix vs. Allnic vs. ARC ph7
Thanks AlMy BMC phonostage is indeed connected to the unbalanced aux input of the pre. 
MM cart on a fr24 arm
Had the time to research a little bit on all your recs.I'm not a vintage cart guy so i'll probably try to go with a new cart.What seems to work with the high mass FR24 arm is either Nagaoka mp200Audio Technica AT7vwhat do you prefer for a warm and... 
MM cart on a fr24 arm
Fleibby the way you mention the Nagaoka mp-200 as one to consider. When looking at its specs I see 2 compliance numbers - dynamic compliance at 7.2 and static compliance at 20. Which number to consider as the 20 seems like taking it out of conside... 
MM cart on a fr24 arm
FleibIndeed the fr-24 is on the border of a high mass arm with 17g.I will do some research on the names you mentioned.Thanks a lot. 
MM cart on a fr24 arm
Braab8Thanks for those excellent recs.I'll go hunting some mm carts now... 
MM cart on a fr24 arm
Anybody ?