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How Do You Organize Your Music?
By country of pressing, then alphabeticallyBut 50% are disorganized 
Good turntables w/o record clamps
Go for the Sota with the vacuum - one switch and the table turns and vacuum holds down the record! 
Does your system sound better or worse?
WOrse - you have to light up for improvement! 
for those who popped for "Hi-Fi Tuning" fuses...
You guys are nuts? Right? A fuse is a connection so why not replace it with the proper breaker and be done with it. #1 it's a better connection (all solid) and #2 you can reset it instead of getting ripped off again. 
SACD releases
And I still hold hope but 99% of the audiophiles even miss the SACD/DVD-A advantages. The 50kHz extension can not be heard (I'm good to 16kHz only) but it definitely creates a presence and placement that is unmatched. Sadly, most only have 20kHz l... 
Considering going Vinyl--Please talk me out of it
It's $$$$ but worth it if your family will still have food. btw - I charge my family $25 each time I'm (slang) "dissed". Spent $900 this month and their still not learning. sic 
Phono pre for 35mv cart that runs 6dj8 tubes??????
Low MC level cartridge not MM 
Phono pre for 35mv cart that runs 6dj8 tubes??????
NOthing but BAT guys and gals? 
Sealed MOFI's on eBay
It just hit me! They could be forgeries! 
Sealed MOFI's on eBay
I'm with Rick - Sometimes NOS is ridiculously priced and not worth it when you're going to play it anyway. 
Phono pre for 35mv cart that runs 6dj8 tubes??????
3.5 - sorry 
Phono pre for 35mv cart that runs 6dj8 tubes??????
Because I have a HUGE collection of rare versions 
most annoying neighbor?
Schipo - I'm ten years away. What to do? ;)Anyway, had some out-of-place teens blasting rap everyday while playing basketball with my hoop across the street. Now, you have to realise, this is Somerset County, NJ. The whitest, Republican conservati... 
best cartridge for 60,70's classic rock, folk ....
Rccc - I thought I was the only one rolling anything nowadays!Anyway, everyone else, why such expensive carts for rock? 
What is the optimal temperature/humidity for audio
My opinion: Very cold with low humidity. The details and sound stage are amazing. Problem is the family complains.