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Novice with vinyl & tapes needs help evaluating
Why didn't you save the whole batch?? 
Going into the dark side.....please help
I never understand these posts. I have two children but I never changed anything about my systems. I always let them grow up with the gear around at their level. My wife and I were always with them anyway.Do you plan to leave the children alone in... 
It was 40 years ago today.....
Tonight I will open my Japanese Blue Set and play Sgt for the first time. I was only 6 but I remember Dad telling me it was going to be an important album. Now I'm Dad telling my kids that OK Computer was only the beginning. 
Buying Someone's Records: An Ethics Question
I always check them, then pay 1/3 what they would cost me. This is due to the fact that a dealer would only pay 1/2 standard cost in an emergency. 
Belkin TuneFM for iPod
The Belkin one stinks. It has no range and there's always static. I'm getting my money back. 
Am I going crazy or?
yes, you are going crazy. You're an audiophool. 
Why does New York radio station sond so good?
I agree with camadeco. Do not miss-out on WBGO 88.3. The best jazz. 
bands you truly miss
Only frank. The rest of the pack pales in comparison to Mr. Zappa. 
recommended reading
I'm sorry guys (and Elizabeth), I was pointing my comments at the audio zines and (mostly bad) store owners 
What was your biggest vinyl surprise for $.99
How 'bout for nothing! Multiple mint copies of the Concert for Bangladesh, The Last Waltz, and many other box sets PLUS six boxes of great diversified single albums saved by my dad from the yearly town clean-up along his Lawn Doctor routes! He ret... 
Emm Lab CDSA-Se vs Resolution Opus 21.
How does the Audio Aero Capitole hold in that group? 
How do you listen, individual cut, full album?
Full sides, full discs. There is no other way unless you're into missing the point of it's presentation. (For better or worse).I do this even though I'd like to re-sequence all of the Morrissey solo albums. 
Obsessed with room acoustics
You say it like it's a bad thing. :) 
recommended reading
Do not read any of the propaganda. It's all opinion. Your ears hear differently than anyone else's. Don't forget that and just trust them. If you read anything, read the forums here on the Gon. 
Bad Tube in an Audible Illusion M3A
I have had the same grey pillar CCa's in my M3A for 5yrs and have NEVER turned the unit off or placed it on standby. It's the people that use standby and/or power their M3A's off that say it eats tubes. Just leave it on.