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Which Class D Amp to Buy?
I have the Musician III SE for almost two months now. IMO, this amp is hard to beat, even at three times its price. Lots of control and detail. Makes music sound very very real. It's hard to describe, but this amp just plays whatever is thrown at... 
Grand Prix Monaco review in new Stereophile- OUCH
11-13-07: Mtkhl567 wrote:"That last piece was worth more advertising dollars for Continuum than a double full size page in that Wall Street journal mentioned before. Excellent sales pitch! And there you have it."Yes, this is from a Monaco TT owner... 
vinyl storage?????
This one can grow with your LP collection: design from the 50s. It comes in different configurations. Still looks contemporary today:,iSanchez 
J&R salesman says turntables outsell CD playe 10:1
Think about it. Who under the age 30 would buy a CD player instead of an iPod? The ratio may be off, but I think there may be some true to it.Cheers,iSanchez