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Anyone with Hearing Aids
I've been wearing hearing devices for a couple of months and i agree with the comments above. I treat them as another component in my system enjoying their strengths and recognizing their (few) negative aspects. They have provided me with a whole ... 
JWN Amps still in business?
Thank you all for the info, I had assumed something was amiss through comments on other forums. I too wish him well. He had beautiful equipment on his site and I've had a purchase of some type on my wishlist. Again thanks. Dave 
Splitting signal from a DAC
Thanks to you both! Following up the ICs that I am currently using are 4 feet. Is that length too long and possibly create an issue? Again, thanks, Dave 
great headphone amplification in vintage gear?
Thanks to you all for your responses. They were very helpful. The 820 does have the ability to shut off the speakers but I will contact yamaha to get their take. Again many thanks. Dave. 
great headphone amplification in vintage gear?
Hi, I realize that this is an older thread but I am going to purchase a pair of audio technica m50x headphones this weekend as my first venture into headphones. My question is that while I continue to get a feel for headphone amps and additional c... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
For my 60th I picked up a low mileage 08 toyota solara sle convertible. Just having a lot of fun burning gas and blasting Tony Bennett and Dino. 
Harmon Kardon Seven Twenty Nocturne
Hi RW, yes I agree that in the shop it goes for a critical evaluation. Just interesting that so little info is out there on these receivers. If it's not beyond reasonable repair Ill probably turn it into a small project. Take care, Dave 
digital cable length
Hi Almarg, sorry for late response and thank you. Currently using a 1.8 meter length from cdp to the up sampler but am in the process of learning how to cut and re-terminate it to a shortened cable length as suggested by you and recommended by Mon... 
Your best ''outstanding'' products in last 5 yrs?
Snell Type D speakers for $50/pair. Took a bit of work to get the placement right but a great sound has been the reward. 
Speakers that do pianos really well
In a modestly priced monitor the GMA Europa. As a reference I use the St Elsewhere Theme with the piano played by Dave Grusin (GRP Records). Wonderful. Also Kei's Theme by David Beniot. The Europa's does a great job on both and generally treat pia... 
What the best 89-90 db speaker I can buy for 3k?
Hi Schubert. First off thanks for the ID of the the Rossini work. My system is an Odyssey candela pre and a stratos amp so I was very interested in hearing Klaus's set up st capfest. And in particular the Lorelei speaker. His setup was driven by a... 
What the best 89-90 db speaker I can buy for 3k?
I agree with Larryi about the Lorelei, I had given them an extended listen at capfest and I was astounded. Klaus was playing classical (lone ranger theme) and the sound was full dynamic and what I thought was a thundering low end in a very good wa... 
Where does your user name come from?
No, speakers and pre & amp are American built. The sources are Asian. I appreciate the quality that the Italians build into their products as well as the style they present. But alas as in many things in life, a bit out of reach. But a trip to... 
Velodyne MiniVee hook up
Hi, I,ll take a shot. I bought a minivee at goodwill for $25.00. Hooked it up to an old yamaha 840. At the right speaker connection on the receiver I twisted two pieces of speaker wire together with one going to the minivee and one to the right Eu... 
Tubes for Conrad Johnson PV 12 preamp
when I owned my CJ 12 iI used 60s vintage Philips/Amperex and for a change RCA cleartops. Ecc82/12AU7. The ecc82 & the 12AU7 are the proper tubes to be used. The tungsrum are also a real nice tube to roll with this guy also. Mullard were too m...