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Conrad Johnson PV11...Extreme sibilance, harsh sou
Elevick, Svetlana WXT. Can your compare against older NOS type tubes? Similar? Thanks, Dave 
Conrad Johnson PV11...Extreme sibilance, harsh sou
Hi, I have a CJ PV12. I swapped out the Silver ICs with Zu Oxys which tamed some of the forwardness (lat a cost of a bit of detail) and I also use older tubes including Holland manufactured (my favorite sound), Mullard/Brimar, RCA clear tops, and ... 
Wood v. Metal for stands. Is there a clear winner?
I went DIY. Built my table for pre and cdp out of three pieces of 3/4" MD fiberboard glued, attached to 4x4 pine legs. Legs rest on rubber/cork anti-vibration blocks. Amp rests on a similar but separate MD platform resting on MD feet cut from the ... 
Conrad Johnson PV-8. Is it worth upgrading tubes?
Grigsby, I have a PV-12 CJ. RAM tubes, not familiar with the acronym. What are their full name and are they a 12au7? Thanks, Dave 
Looking for insight on the Green Mountain Europas
Hi,I own a pair with about 200 hours on them. A couple of things, they are not a warm speaker if that's your preference, and can be forward depending on the CD you're listening to. In general what is in your cdp is what you will hear. I had asked ... 
budget cd player
I purchased an Onix-88 a couple of years ago and upgraded to the op 627. Same as you was looking for a good sounding value. Was going to buy a Music Hall 25 and found out about the Onix, same machine, less expensive. Have been very satisfied. Dave 
Review: Polk Audio SDA-2 Speaker
Bought a pair of SDA-1B's about 1 1/2 years ago for $150. Sound great, upgraded the original tweeters which took away the HF brightness. But now at a crossroad. Overhaul the 1Bs or replace them with a set of Polk LSI9s? The old Polk stereo dimensi... 
Music Hall CD25, Onix XCD-88, Rega Planet; Others?
Autre. sorry for not getting back. I'm on vacation and PC access is limited. A guy in Indy made it up and I plugged it in. Cost $120. Two types of the 627, A & B if I remember. Bought the $10.00 more expensive, don't know if there is a real di... 
Music Hall CD25, Onix XCD-88, Rega Planet; Others?
Autre, may as well throw my two cents in. Keeping within my budget I also looked at Rotel, Music Hall, and the Onix. I also thought about an AH and Jolida but decided against the additional $300+. Also considered the CAmbridge Audio but in the end... 
Good sources for tubes other than Upscale
Chazzbo, I've bought several tubes from Tubemonger, great guy and stands behind his products. Also, Jim McShane has a high rep also and very knowledgeable. Dave 
POLK LSI 15 Vs Decware 1.5 Speakers
Audiokicks, thanks much! Excellent link with good info. I'm going to go out and test drive the LSIs again this weekend. Dave 
New Cambridge 540 vs. Used Music Hall CD25
Hi, awhile back I had decided on a Music Hall CDP that is made by a Chinese Co named Shandling. Thru Agon I found out about the Onix-88 which is pretty much the same machine as the Music Hall. Very satisfied and saved a few bucks. I upgraded to OP... 
What time do you wear?
on the rare occasions that I wear a watch it's either a Citizen Eco Drive or a basic Seiko. Both keep perfect time and look good. My prize is my Fathers' '40s vintage Jules that I wear on very special occasions.But it seems that my watch of choice... 
systems seems to be playing slowly, need thoughts
Thanks guys, Based on your advice I'll be switching and swapping over the next few days. Yes, based on Viridian's comments the CDP is my first focus. About the power conditioner, I have dedicated lines so I hadn't given them much thought but I'll ... 
How does one find an Onix dealer?
Bought mine from AV123.