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Help. Another Preamp Suggestion Question
OK, and thanks for the advice. DAve 
Any vets among the Audiophiles here?
Was an enlisted guy, Active Army 1971-74 1st Armored Div, Furth, Germany, Navy Reserve 1978-85 Green Bay, Wi & Wash DC. Bought my first system in Erlangen, a Pioneer SX 9000 (I think) with Bose 501s, and a Gerrard Turntable. Hated that turntab... 
Denon/Rotel combination related question
Clbeanz, Thanks for your insights and the links. Based on your comments and those of Mr. Gene DellaSala (Audioholics)curious as to why the RA-1060 integrated amp provides a more dynamic performance then the Rotel pre-amp family? But I intend to sp...