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Volume Settings/Control - DAC vs Preamp?
Thanks everyone, very helpful answers.I had the source volume low and the preamp high. Will adjust accordingly and listen for differences. 
2 Channel Sub Woofer, 1 or 2 Sub-woofers?
I tried both options described here almost exactly. One $1500 sub and 2 x $700 subs (same brand used all round) and went with the 2 subs. In my room and for my tastes, the 2 sub option sounded better, integration seemed more "right" and set up was... 
Static-like Sound from Tweeter?
Well - very interesting. It is the Benchmark DAC. I even switched coax cables to be sure it was not the cable. That surprises me given all the other things it could have been. Guess i will have them take a look at it. 
Static-like Sound from Tweeter?
Okay - it moves to the other speaker when I reverse channels at the source and I switched interconnects and it still did it so not the cables. Upstream I have an Olive Music Server connected coax to a Benchmark DAC that then goes straight into the... 
Static-like Sound from Tweeter?
No tubes in circuit right now Thorman. 
Cowboy Junkies-Trinity Revisited...In deed
Love the new Trinity except for ...........................Natalie Merchant. Aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!?? Why do people love her for guest appearances? It's horrible. It must stop. I may start a petition.Grew up in Toronto and love the Junkies though - th... 
Very Compact Subwoofer
Velodyne SPL800 - small, tight, powerful. I use two and love them. 
Noob jumper questions...
1. Yes2. Yes3. Probably, and it's cheap to do the test and find out for yourself. 
good listening/bad listening
My system sounds better at night when the lights are just right. It doesn't sound as good when bright sunlight is coming thru the windows. My wife and I both agree on this phenomenom. We know it's not "true" but it's real to us. This is why I susp... 
Totem Arro review in TAS??? has every TAS review in PDF format. 
OUCH My Dynaudio's have crashed....
Am I missing something? You love the Dynaudio's, your room likes them, your gear likes them and even your wife likes them. Why would you even consider anything else - you've found it! Get a used pair of 2.8's or their current equal and be done wit... 
Your First Concert was.....
KISS - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto. 
What is FAST?
Thanks for the info - makes sense now. 
Audiokinesis Speakers
I demoed them in-home last year - fabulous in every respect. The size was just too imposing for the room according to my wife so my Totem Hawks are still in place. 
What's your favorite remake of a song
Nirvana doing Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World", Cowboy Junkies "Sweet Jane".