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Music Servers VS Excellent Transports?
I own the Olive Musica and think it is as good or better than any transport I have owned but I have not owned the upper echelon of players/transports. I run mine thru a Benchmark DAC and love it because I actually listen to music way more often du... 
Speakers with high WAF?
Had the same issue - went with Totem Hawks. Most of the Totem line is clean, sleek and furniture-like. Others I got a blessing on were Vienna, Dali and strangely Gershman Avant Gardes and GAPs which look more arty than anything. 
Are tiny subwoofers worthwhile?
I have a fairly big room but couldn't get a big sub past my wife into the decor. I use two Velodyne SPL-800R - one beside each speaker and while it has taken a lot of trial and error, I have them integrated reasonably well. I don't get much south ... 
musical subwoofer recommendation for 2-ch
I would be careful about your assumption that you have a "slow" sub - unless it's a piece of crap (and yours certainly is not) there is really no such thing. Check out this article: think you have a ... 
musical subwoofer recommendation for 2-ch
What do you mean exactly by "slow"? 
DAC Recommendations
Where can you buy a 500gb hard drive for $150.00?Almost anywhere. CompUSA, Best Buy, etc. 
Am I Bad Listener?
Many thanks for your responses. I have learned a lot through this post. I'm not sure I will get completely off the upgrade/tweak merry-go-round but I will likely try to limit it and find more good recordings that bring out the best in my system.Th... 
Am I Bad Listener?
I neglected to list the speakers - Totem Hawks. 
Subwoofer connection question
Dude - your preamp outs are line level RCA connections - you can't run speaker cable from them. You run interconnect cables with RCA connectors from the preamp to the sub - one right, one left.Alternatively, if your sub has speaker connections (ak... 
Subwoofer connection question
Your post is still confusing - you don't/can't make RCA connections to or from speaker binding posts. Are you trying to hook up the sub via RCA cables or via speaker cables between the speaker binding posts on your amp and speaker binding posts on... 
Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones
Have the 650's as well. Awesome. I too enjoy them more than my speakers. I often put the kids to bed, slap them on and get lost in the music for hours. I use the stock cables and listen thru a Benchmark DAC - bliss. Might try the AKG's though just... 
Speakers placed against back wall
Tom - keep me posted please. Very interested to see what you think of the Tylers and how they work in your situation. If I can swing an upgrade in the future it may well be to the Linbrook Signatures which I think share a sonic signature with the ... 
Speakers placed against back wall
I meant that I have heard the Linbrook Signatures and think those are a step up. 
Speakers placed against back wall
Hawks vs. Tyler System 2: Actually have not heard the System 2, only the Linbrooks from Tyler.I can tell you about the Hawks. They are beautiful to look at and excel in the midrange and in imaging - they really disappear. They are great in a small... 
Best bang-for-buck purchase you have made?
Eastern Electric Minimax PreampGallo Nucleus SpeakersMapleshade Speaker Jumpers