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Mark Levinson phono modules
They are different from the JC-2 or ML-1. As I recall the LNC-2 was designed by Dick Burwen, whereas the JC-2 was a John Curl design. Good luck in finding some, they have a cult following in Japan, so perhaps you might get some from a dealer there... 
Wolcott Audio tube amp.what value resistor is this
There maybe an East Coast Service tech set up soon for Wolcott or whatever the company will be. Watch this space. 
New Pass Labs X.5 series versus previous X series
Anyone compare the Pass Aleph 2, X 350.5, and XA 160s? I own latest update Soundlab U-1s with the benign impedence transformer upgrade and the latest PX panels, both of which, BTW, I recommend to any SoundLabs owner - you may contact me for detail... 
Power Conditioner for your amplifier?
Alternative: have a good electrician come in and run a dedicated 200 amp service to your listening room with proper copper wiring. 
pass labs x0.2 "pro's and cons's"
I use one with a pair of Wolcott Monos into a pair of Sound Lab U-1s (soon to be updated to PX mode) Best of both worlds. Detailed, quiet, absolutely transparent yet reveals the source material. If the recording is rich, the sound is rich. If it i... 
Accuphase DP-100 DC-101 Sleeping Giant Or Dinosaur
Actually, Fatcataudio, the customer support and preselling will end up in a call center in the Phillipines or India!I agree with the notion that there is room for the Dell model or the Accenture model. This means either direct from the manufacture... 
Accuphase T-1000 tuner
I wonder how it sounds and measures compared to a Don Scott modified (or the equivalent) T-100? Of course, one needs to use a directional antenna to do the DXing part of the test. 
Electronic crossover recommendations
If you want flexibility and good sound the new Pass Labs unit is in the top class. 
Martin Logan vs. Thiel
You should listen to Sound Labs if you are considering MLs. The new Rennaisance 3 can be used with a conventional subwoofer and is much higher in sensible innovation than ML. S-Ls are a final purchase. 
How do they MIC a symphony?
If you want to hear "rustling" buy a Glenn Gould solo performance. His Goldberg Variations are a classicof interpretation and sing-along. 
Difference among Mullard one Getter & two Getters?
Which tubes are they? el34s? 
Comments on Antenna Perf Specialties FM Antenna
You should call APS directly about your requirements. They whereof they speak. I use an APS 9 on a mast with a rotator, and feel they make exvellent products, 
Thorens TD165 in perfect shape. What cartridge?
I'd get a Dynavector 10X4 or whatever the latest model is, a Shure V15, or an Ortofon in your price range and leave the arm alone. The Thorens were designed as a system and have very good arms, unlike conventional wisdom. Be careful with SOME Grad... 
Should I upgrade my SME 3009 III tonearm?
Put a new shure v15 mkVxmr in the SME and you should be fine. You may want to upgrade the interconnect if you can. 
Who is using a tube preamp with your Pass X-250???
I would listen to the Atmasphere preamps. They are true balanced designs like the Pass.