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Best active subwoofer for 4 Quad ESL 57
I use a pair of JANIS W-1 with a pair of Bryston 7s and a Bryston xover set at 24db/octave balanced. Need a big amp to control/integrate the woofer even though the speakers are efficient. 
Sony 900ES SACD sound vs CD - Help
Has anyone compared the 333ES vs the 9000ES vs the earlier generation on sound quality with SACDs only? I'm not interested in multifunction just good sound for the $. 
Quad 989 vs. SoundLab Millennium 2
I too have questions about these speakers. I am trying to decide to keep my Q63/sub combo or go to the 989s or Soundlabs. Any info would be appreciated. 
Performance opinion of Wadia 850???
I've had an 850 for several years. I have no intention of selling it. In my system it sounds best thru its balanced outputs. I use goertz silver micropurls. One strength is its spatial and imaging qualities. If the effect is recorded on the CD, it... 
fm reception
If you are actually in NYC try the powered, tunable Radio Shack antennaes for $40 or less. They bandwidth limit the signal to the frequency you are seeking BEFORE it hits the front end of your tuner, thus giving a cleaner signal. You can also orie... 
Need Cartridge Recommendation
How can you go wrong with an Archiv II? It's 3 point mounting and systems approach makes it the natural choice.... 
Analog Out for Wadia RCA, or XLR?
I own an 850. I did a shootout over a year ago, same question. FJS is right, XLR won hands down. RCA is somehow subtractive. BTW I found the Madrigal CZGel too polite. I use a silver Goertz cable that I bought on audiogon - very natural and spatia... 
Martin Logan CLSIIz - adding more bass?
I have a similar system and room. Your goal should be stereo subwoofers, crossed over electronically at 100 hz or less 18db/oct or more. The larger the driver the better - 12" minimum. Taking incremental steps in that direction (use a single summe... 
Please help cartridge problem
I believe that VDH or Benz used to own or develop Empire cartridges and this sounds like an old top of the line. That is why I told you to contact him. 
The best sounding FM Tuner is.....
So far I enjoy my 23 year old Accuphase T-100 best of all. When it came out it was slated as an MR78 killer....I am lucky enough to have several stations that broadcast live classical and "unplugged" music. This tuner recreates the spatiality well... 
tube amps and electrostatics
ESL 63 and US monitors have an intentionally benign impedance curve that is nominally 8 ohms an is rather flat compared to other electrostats. The lower the output impedance of the amp, the better. 
"Balanced Output" Phono Pre-amp??
I own a PASS ONO and I like it very much. 
Best amplifier for original QUAD ESLs?
Just inserted a Pass 5 and as of now that is the best amp I have tried, it puts out a safe 30 volts peak. 
Please help cartridge problem
Since you have internet access go to: www.vandenhul.com 
my next upgrade
Save the money until you get a better cartridge. The source is the key.