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Outlets and Wire Gauge? - Please help!
@raysmtb1 No need to apologize. My degree is in science. I am all about science but things exist that I cannot explain or measure... When all things seem equal in terms of materials, why do I hear a difference? Why do things change over time? I st... 
Outlets and Wire Gauge? - Please help!
@jea48 I live in a split level ranch, so the panel is on the bottom floor in an unfinished room used as the laundry room. It is quite large. The adjacent room has the oil burner, two tanks and shelves of storage. The metal jacketed cables will be ... 
Outlets and Wire Gauge? - Please help!
@jea48 Thank you. I ordered two. It is basically a no risk option at $11 each. I know my system and will see what changes. Going this route affords me time I may or may not need, but I strongly suspect I will be happy.  The funny thing is that th... 
Outlets and Wire Gauge? - Please help!
Electrician is fine. He explained that the outlets he's used to have plastic "walls" on either side of the screws and the 10 gauge wire will not wrap around the screws. I too have worked with 14 gauge and found the fit tight on consumer outlets. H... 
Female vocalist recommendations
Shocked to not yet see Diana Krall or Sophie Zelmani.   
New Class D amplifiers
I have AGD Gran Vivace arriving tomorrow or early next week. I am super stoked because I already know they have terrific synergy with my speakers. I will reply with my early findings.  
Speaker Cable Recommendations - Under 2k
Silversmith Audio Fidelium  
I Was Stunned
Your post sounds like what this craftsman sells on Etsy. He built my rack for me. His work is top notch.    
Fleetwood Sound DeVille - Owner Survey
@facten Thank you for the heads-up. I didn't know that circle existed and I joined it a short while ago.  
Speaker cable recommendations
+1 @disc Very happy Fidelium owner. I no longer wonder about different cables.  
HoloAudio STREAMER is out now
The comments surprise and remind me of the same negative sentiment when people first started inquiring about the May DAC. Fast forward to today and after demos of DAC upwards of $20k, the May sits in my rack. It's absolutely outstanding. I care ab... 
Best way to keep REL sub from “hopping around” at high volumes
Great post. I too have the same question. In fact, I believe I asked REL and cannot find a response. It is not just during loud listening sessions, my pair of 212 SX migrate over time. I know because I have tape on the floor to mark their position... 
Adding a sub. - can i start with one?
@blisshifi The 212sx sounded amazing out of the box. The pair are actually difficult to adjust so not to be integrated. Took me a few tracks to integrate the first and a few tiny adjustments to get the pair in order. Placement was also far less a ... 
Adding a sub. - can i start with one?
Started with one sub. A REL Carbon Special and yes, amazing first impressions. However, it only took a day to realize I could not fully integrate it for every type of music. I was constantly up from my seat to adjust gain. It was short lived exper... 
Deal Fellow REL Owners
@dalims4 Thank you. Already went with Kimber Kable REL CU and I’m very happy with them and have to give a shout out to Kimber. Their customer service is outstanding. I’m embarrassed that I missed the vdHs PCs. I was looking for finished cables b...