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Which do u think is a better power amp? Cary Cad120s vs vtl st-150?
I currently running a Cary cad 120s in the system but I was offered a vtl st-150 for $2500 but dose the Vtl run in class A in triode like the Cary?  
Cary slp-98p owners!
I know what you guys mean by noise floor when I first bought it like first change the tubes to a tested set. And I was able to lower the noise floor by changing the power cord which helped significantly plus power conditioning. Found the best powe... 
Need replacement lights for power amp meters
No I haven’t called cary    
Need replacement lights for power amp meters
Well it’s kind of hard to bias the amp with no lights. Haha    
I got the SRV Texas flood one step process it sounds amazing then my other reissues of it, but I waited till national records store day and saved 60 bucks. I bought Mo Fi's Arethas Gold though and I was extremely disappointed with it. Sounded flat... 
Recently acquired a Oracle DelphiMKII need suggestions
I have had it professionally serviced and set up at an oracle dealer and had bunch of upgrades and a new suspension kit installed. It sounds amazing with the current set up. though the cartridge needs a retip at the end of its life. Since bought i... 
Dose your Rega rp8 sagging issues
I have it sitting on top of a rack of silence and the shelf is a 1.5 inch peace of slate. So i know the shelf is not the problem. also the slate is perfectly level too before i place the turntable on top. And it seams its only the front left corne... 
Dynavector xx2 mk2 loading sugestions
I don't want a new phono preamp just a sut nothing beets te preamp I have right now! I was thinking of bobs step up devices. 
Dynavector XX2 MKII? Your thoughts of it?
It's not the dealer who is selling it to me it's one of the salesmen who works there. Like I said he has some very high end gear and takes care of his stuff! I just can't  afford a new XX2 cartridge. So I thought this would be a good way to get in... 
Next step up from the Dynavector 20x2 for more bass?
I had the dealer mount it with 2.19gram tracking force. I don't know if that's too much. Though I find that the Rega has more bass then the systemdek. Especially with the 2m bronze. 
Looking at upgrading to a new MC cartridge any thoughts?
I started out with older MM and had the worst luck with them either the cantilever becomes to brittle which has broke on me. I had one NOS that the one magnet depolarized, and oxidized wireing. I am Never buying old ones again. Also I have listene... 
Looking at upgrading to a new MC cartridge any thoughts?
I have tried the ortofon  2m bronze and 2m black. 
Looking at upgrading to a new MC cartridge any thoughts?
effischer The phono preamp Is a all tube triode class A preamp and have a SUT with it that bounces the gain up to 73db. I think I should be good for xx2. My only question is how is the bass on the 17d3 compared to the 20x2L? I just like the price ... 
Out of these two cartridges which would you choose?
I was leaning nore to they dynavector over the 2m black because I have never had or  tried a mc before. The music I listen to is jazz to Stevie ray and 80's classic rock,and getting more into  modern rap and hiphop/pop and a lot of techno music wi... 
Out of these two cartridges which would you choose?
I have been on vinyl engine and people have had better success with the 20x2 with rega then ortofon 2m black. Also my preamp owners manual said the cary slp-98 has enough gain for cartridges low as 1.4mv. Also with the 2m bronze I have to turn the...