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audience au24
The Cable Company loans out cables to try and they are reputable, but i agree with the others, buy and try, you won't lose out. 
I'm Looking For the Best
Hello on highway sixtyone, sorry about your diagnosis, but i would get a second opinion from another doctor, if it is indeed true, and you can afford it, go for the best of the best, why not. I am surprized no one has mentioned the best of the bes... 
Tonearm for XX2
Have you considered modding the OL Silver. A new wiring harness ,one piece from cartridge leads to your pre, i would use the cryoed Cardas wire/bullets. That should give you tighter bass and more highend content. Also maybe a tonearm mounting boar... 
Inexpensive arm for bedroom table- Linn, AQ etc?
It's pretty easy to make an armboard out of acrylic, then choose the arm you want. 
Where to sample music
No, there are not any good sites to sample MUSIC. But an LP or CD 
Is there anything better than Rega Planet up $600
I vote for a Planet 2000 used, get the latest version, they made some updates. I love mine, its very natural and analog sounding. I have the Apollo too, better in some ways but not as warm sounding. 
Analog vs. CDP: A fair comparison?
A Record doctor cleaning kit, a decca brush and a zerostat should surfice as a start(about$100.) I would spend most of the budget on the cartridge/phono stage. Used Well Tempered Table/arm combo usually sells used for $1100. I like the Dynavector ... 
One amp, two sub cabinets, how to setup?
Your plate amp should have speaker outputs besides the line out RCA jacks. I'm not sure on your subs, they used to use rca jacks as speaker inputs so if that is the case, you would run from the amp speaker outputs, a pr of wires(pos and neg to the... 
Inexpensive arm for bedroom table- Linn, AQ etc?
I had an AR ES-1 and i first tried a Premier MMT, w/ aluminum board, and it was too much for the light suspension of the AR. I then tried a LVX/aluminum board and thought it was an excellent match, the Akito is the same arm with non removable head... 
Best path to upgrade my source
Yeah, Undertow is right on. I love my DAC AH 
300b, x45, 211, etc.
Personally i think the Cary 300LXI has poor dynamics and weak , rolled off bass. Depending on your speakers, any 300B,2A3,45, or 845 should be considered. Do some auditioning with your speakers. 
Lehman Black Cube or Grado PH-1 Preamp
Check out the Dynavector P-75 also 
Recommend a TT/Tonearm combo under $2000?
The new Marantz TT-15 looks like a real bargain, made by Clearaudio with a limited edition ebony wood tonearm and ebony wood $800. cartridge included. under 2K 
Your favorite Summertime Top Down Cruising music?
Captian Beefheart's "Ice Cream for Crow" 
Tube integrated w/ phono
IMO the Audionote OTO SE w/ phono cannot be beat used. This is a highend amplifier. At 10w/ch it won't drive everything but it will drive the best speakers out there, get high eff monitors.What about the Unison Reasearch Unico series, the Unico P ...