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Where to buy MDF board?
Check out the Sanus Euro racks, i have a 4 shelfer and love it, strongest racks in their price range.($200. from Audio Advisor) 
CDP build quality
Try a non oversampling dac like the Lite DAC AH, 47 Labs, or Audionote with a good transport like the original Rega Planet. It won't beat your TT but the NOS dacs are very analog sounding. 
looking for damping material for my dac
I think you would want non magnetic metal or XXXX, but that alone might cause vibrations in other places. I would also damp the inside of the cab with Soundcoat, or Sorbothane, and maybe some Marigo dots on the board, chips, and caps. I mass damp ... 
Cain & Cain Abby , placement ,care and phase plugs
IMO the Abbeys are just getting listenable at 400 hrs! I would say 1500 hrs is more like it. I use lemon oil on the finish, Terry Cain recommends bowling alley oil. I haven't tried a phase plug but you could experiment with some hard paper or ? I'... 
Inexpensive DVD deck with good sound?
Durabrand top loader from wallmart-$27.95 with digital out. Sounds very good for the price and you can add a Dac Ah NOS dac for $200. more. 
2-channel receivers: Nad, ROtel, or new OUtlaw...
The NAD 740BEE, i believe it has pre out so you can use it as a tuner, pre, or power amp too. Very versatile and sounds excellent. 
$1000 amp
I like the Pass Aleph 3, Class A and single ended, or how about an 845 tube amp or Onix SP3 
CDP to replace vinyl
Naim CD5X w/ Flatcap 2 or higher up the Naim ladder, very analog sounding;47 Labs Shigaraki transport and non oversampling dac,(47 Labs or Audionote); Audio Aero tube player.Please don't sell your Well Tempered, but if you do, let me know. 
Advice about warm, gentle speakers...
If i were spending $4k, i would buy speakers and a dedicated hybrid integrated amp(ya need tubes in there), and run your DVD into that. I asume you have a sub so maybe Spendor 3/1 or 2/3, or Harbeth 7ES2 with a Used Pathos Classic 2 hybrid integat... 
Something warmer than the Nordost Quattro Fil?
I went from a QF tonearm cable to a AU24 tonearm cable and i'm very happy with the sound. Much warmer and natural sounding. I don't think i gave up any detail either. I also think that the Golden Ref is a good recomendation too. I'd probably switc... 
Best Russian Tubes to Import
Hi Punkuk, Russian tubes are plentyful here in the US at dirt cheap prices. Importing real Russian military tubes would probably be your best bet. 
help me build a system for $1200
Kep the NAD and CD player, get a Lite DAC-AH dac for under $200. and spend the rest on the speakers of your choice. I like your idea of M5 or Quad 11L w/ a sub, Vandersteen 2CI, Spendor SP3/1 w/ sub, new Omega 3 floorstander, Omega 6, Hawthorne Au... 
Shelter 501 Mk II vs. Grado Statement Reference
The Shelter is definately the one to beat in that price range, but Grados retip/trade up policy is a great deal. I ran my Statement Sonata with a Dynavector P-75 phono stage thru the phono enhanser cercuit and have never heard a Grado sound more o... 
All great suggestions. I'm a 2A3 fan myself, and read once that Paul Klipsch used 2A3s as his reference when designing his speakers and listening to music. No one mentioned the Transendent SE OTL amp, i've heard they work well with the Klipshorns. 
Billy Preston Dies
A tragic loss. Not much mention in the mainsteam press about his legendary time with Jime Hendrix and the Band Of Gypsys.