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Do Audiophiles blow speakers?
I left my tube amp on in the morning because i was going to listen later, left the house and came back an hour later to hear a very loud hum before i even opened the door! One tube went bad, caused a low freq hum in the right channel, and took out... 
Lowdown on Sonic Impact Class T amp
Hello Papertrail, just buy one, i'm positive you will get $30. worth of smiles/fun out of it,they are incredible for even 10 times the price! Check out TRIPATHPOWER.COM Have fun. Regards, Alan 
Best Monitors for Rock N' Roll under $2500
Listen to the Reference 3A DeCapo MMi, or if you really like the Aurum Cantus mabye a subwoofer added might do the trick. 
I need help selecting a tube amp
Hello QAVman, wow, that soumds cool. 117db!, what that means is your speakers will put out 117decibels, measured with a 1 watt signal, measured at a distance of 1 meter from the speaker. That's freakin' loud! I don't know how large your listening ... 
Integrated amplifier - selection and alternatives
I also like the MAC,easily sold if you do not like it. What about Plinius, Rowland, BelCanto, or other digital/chip amps. Or, 2 monoblock chip amps[maybe CIA 100 or 200 w/ch] with a sweet tube preamp, you could hide the little monos. 
Macintosh 4200 Receiver Question
Hi Wepratt, It's a simple installation, any tech can do it, or do it yourself. Of course it won't be 'stock', but i'm pretty sure you can get better sound. 
Best vintage receivers for FM?
How about McIntosh, Marantz, NAD, and Proton 
Best modern tonearm for AR ES-1
Hi Tonyptony, I used to have a ES-1 w/ MMT and felt about the same thing. I later switched to a Linn Basik LVX, which had better resolution and bass. It was a lighter arm and mated with the ES-1s suspension better, even with aluminum arm board. I ... 
Audio Help for Hearing Impaired Part II
Hi Mario, i did a little research on digital recorders and binaural mics, wow, they've come a long way! Check out Edirol R1[awesome,tiny, built in mic pre, headphone out w/vol,built in eq!, palm size! ,built in mics!, you might be able to just plu... 
What time do you wear?
I don't usually wear a watch, there are clocks everywhere. Once in a while i'll wear my grandfathers watch from the 50's?, an Omega, i don't know the model but it is comfortable, it has a rectangular shape. I wear it as jewelry i guess, it makes m... 
Audio Help for Hearing Impaired Part II
Hello Mario, Yes, forgive my ignorance also, but Nsgarchs' suggestion crossed my mind too.I also thought about something else. What about some Binaural mics, usually on a headband, but not necessarlily, into a small mic preamp, then into a little ... 
I need help in speaker grill repair.
Russb, try Madisound for replacement pins, maybe Parts Express, or do as i do and use the grills for dust covers, and listen without them on, and buy some music instead. Thanks, Alan 
Heifetz/Vieuxtemps - Motorcycle Sounds
Wow Byfo, that's cool, I have the "Classic" version and never noticed that, or maybe i did and thought it was outside of my listening room, i live downtown on a 2 lane highway, i'll listen for that, thanks. Could be a Harley, wasn't the recording ... 
Recommendations for an Audio System on a budget??
Hello Bigkidz, How about a Linn Classik [all in 1 box amp, tuner, cd] in each room with some small speakers like Epos ELS-3[$300.pr], and a multizone amp and in/outdoor spkrs. for the garden/porch/etc. the Linns can be hooked together and controle... 
Von Schweikert VR4 jr in small room, any success?
I heard the Vr4jrs at HES 2005 in NYC, and they sounded very good. They had them set up in a unique way. They were on a 45 degree angle to the back wall, so the two walls behind them [back & side] came to a V right in the center between the sp...