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Power regenerator vs conditioner
#3 on the Audioquest 1200. Great example of effective and reasonably priced.  
Jerry Garcia’s McIntosh amp
Another bob, please chill. I want to relate a story- I moved to Berkeley in September, 1978 and moved into 2525 Benvenue Ave., next door to where Patty Hearst was kidnapped.The second day in my apartment I went to a mayoral fundraiser at People’s ... 
"Real" streamer vs. Bluetooth adapter--what's the advantage?
Agree that Bluesound Node sounds better with Ethernet connection, made a noticeable difference with it in my bedroom system 
Recommend a dac that contributes to system for tight bass
Enthusiastic second on the Schiit Yggdrasil- my GS is cheap too. Great bass on my ATC’s 
Building a house
Might be fun for you to read early Absolute Sound mags from the early 70’s that describes JWC’s transmission line that he built into his house. Pretty extreme! 
Cartridge suggestions for...
As low mass arms and high compliance cartridges are no longer in vogue, cartridge/arm mismatch is much less a problem than it used to be. But it can exist... 
to buy or not to buy (ultrasonic record cleaner)
I’ve had a VPI cleaning system for something like 3 decades, but the overwhelming feeling I am getting now reading these threads, as my hands get ever more shaky in my sixties, is thank goodness for streaming and great sounding DACS. I used to tun... 
Sky HIGH fi
I note that they have a used Cary SLP 05 preamp listed for over $200 more than a NEW one from Cary Direct. 
Recommendations for modern integrated with tone & balance controls other than Mcintosh
I use a Schiit Loki between my Audio Research SP6b preamp and my C-J tube amp or GAS Ampzilla. Works great, just lose a bit of deep ness in the image when in use, but sure tames old, hard recordings. First tone control for me in almost 40 years si... 
Equal $$ for Phono OR Streaming?
I’ve been an audiophile since about 1972, with a Dual 1215S/Shure M91E/Sansui 2000x/Advents and went up the chain to Audio Research, C-J, Dahlquists, etc. Vinyl all the way, until the last 15 months or so. Aurender N100H+ Schiit Yggdrasil GS for a... 
Audiogon Is Still Relevent...Don't Listen to the Naysayers.
I was a nut for audio in the 70’s and early 80’s, with intermittent toes back in ever since. I was an early Audiogon member, then had kids and had a demanding career, and am now back enjoying lots of music. Even though I am an old hand, I’ve learn... 
will changing to solid-state make the bass in my wilson sophias better at low volume?
Why not install Amarra Luxe, as it works on top of iTunes? It sounds TONS better than iTunes, and also has a number of choices for digital tone control, including various curves optimized for various kinds of music. It also has digital volume cont... 
DVD player playing CD's
I am surprised how good the sound is out of my Marantz U7007 blu ray player through my Yggdrasil via digital coax. 
Does it annoy you when companies don't show the internals of electronics ?
Actually very simple. If it is well laid out, it is repairable. A rats nest, maybe. Stuffed circuit boards aren’t bad unless are direct mounted, then need to replace whole board if can. Point to point is not easier than have glass epoxy boards  
Looking for a CD player
If your CD player has a digital coax out, I would buy a Schiit Yggdrasil GS at $1599. I play CD’s with a Marantz U7007 Blu Ray player with my Yggdrasil and its sounds really great.