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Improving a stone rack
@ghdprentice  I don’t think it’s quarried from those bodies, but sounds like you are a geologist! This might be a good guess: https://wap.stonecontact.com/africa-black-granite/s2563 South African Precambrian gabbro, it certainly looks like the... 
Improving a stone rack
I remember the first time I heard his smaller speakers-it was 2017. I was more impressed by the sound that they were making than anything else in the Capital Audio fest. Of coarse he was running Audio Research gear- Ref 6 preamp and the 75 ref amp... 
Improving a stone rack
“African black granite” is not granite but instead fine grained gabbro. It’s denser than granite, as different minerals make it up. No quartz, and denser, more calcic plagioclase feldspar, and relatively dense, iron rich pyroxene. I am retired now... 
Giving Advice without recommending your own equipment
+1 hickamore    
Are your record surfaces as silent as CDs?
+1 jasonbourne71. The Shibata and other line contact types ride deeper in the record grooves and are thus typically quieter than elliptical and especially conical types that ride higher in the groove. With a VPI record cleaner and my setup (Benz A... 
DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system
Schiit Yggdrasil Gs2 at $1699. Smokes anything near it IMHO.  
Cary Audio SLP-5 Preamp Tube Replacement.
I run Raytheon VT231’s in the gain stages and CBS Hytron 5692 in the buffers fo my SLP05, and they sound glorious. Tubes of this quality are still available from Brent Jessee and others.  
How does bi-wiring work?
I’ve used doubled up Audioquest Type 8, and then Audioquest Gibraltar where there is “optimization” for high and low frequencies.    Many people I know who understand far more than I do about electronics and noise (including a physicist who was P... 
How does bi-wiring work?
Biwiring makes a noticeable difference in my three sets of ATC speakers. I have done the experiment numerous times. I also found that I preferred the sound with the stamped stock jumpers rather than expensive jumpers that I have tried. Go figure! ... 
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
+1 for Bigtwin re red wine especially. Bottle shock, then meandering evolvement of the palate, aroma, and body. Very real!   same thing with cables. My most sensitive instruments- my ears- tell me so.      
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
This was a person I had hoped to meet but never did.   
Class D, "Control (Variable Gain)," Amplifier versus Class A/B Separates?
I have bought 6 items from Schiit and never had an issue with any of the products. They were very responsive when I needed advice once. Recommend them highly. Just felt I had to add something here.  
Cary vs Raven
Cary provided great service on an issue with my SLP05 that I had bought used. No complaints from me about their service.   
Recommendations on integrated amps
I’d get a Schiit stack, best deal for the price.   
New streamer
I’ve seen Aurender N100H’s used for $1100 at prominent dealers over the past few months.