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can subwoofers make things worse?
Yes it sure can if the sub is not time aligned/in phase. I strongly recommend highpassing the speakers (cutting the bass of the mains) through an active crossover as the timing can be corrected.    those small subs don’t play loud and deep. They ... 
Speaker box?
The Ultima Salon 2 is the official name when they came out. Now looks like they just refer to them as the Salon 2. It is the same speaker.   
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
Not enough toe in can hurt the center focus (phantom center) and you can also lose detail in the highs above 10k. Too much toe in narrows soundstage.   
15 in full range drivers
Have you measured them? Could be a simple frequency spike somewhere. Though being full range could be cone breakup and that is not so easy to fix without adding another driver.   Not sure I would buy the Klipsch heritage speakers looking for low ... 
Greg Timbers interview
Mashif, good to know. I have limited JBL experience, the only ones I have heard I bought blind, to say I was impressed would be an understatement.   
Greg Timbers interview
Part 2      
Greg Timbers interview
A living legend. I own two speakers he has designed. I am mad at myself it took me so long to pay attention to his work.    here is another great interview.       
Young audiophile metal head looking to level up speaker choice
Horns can actually work better in small rooms than direct radiating speakers. The horns control the dispersion a bit which will help reduce side wall reflections. All the speakers you mentioned are good speakers but they all sound pretty different... 
Wilson Audio Duette / Custom Crossover Upgrade
I think all speakers needs subs. Even large super speakers do best with subs for room tuning.   When I heard the duette the standout was how large and dynamic they were for a small speaker. Wilson is general is good about that. I don’t follow wil... 
Efficient speakers -- What was your journey from A to B to ?
I don’t have much to add but have been using horn speakers (JBL 4367) for about a year now. One thing I will say is there is almost always a trade off with bass extension. You are either going to have huge speakers or no bass depth if you want hi... 
Wilson Audio Duette / Custom Crossover Upgrade
Yeah good to hear. I have no skin in the game either way but I am a believer in measurements and I am sure the results show that with these speakers. The details can be subtle but it is important to understand those subtleties if you want to apply... 
Wilson Audio Duette / Custom Crossover Upgrade
Jim2,   very nice,    it does make me wonder how these got produced with this sound profile. Seems like it was an easy enough fix from a technical standpoint.   
What to ask when buying used speakers?
I only buy one I can pick up these days. They need to be semi local.   
Impressions of the JBL L100 Classics?
I bought open box demos from music direct. It I was a smooth process and they were like new. I have sadly never heard the L100.   
TV Based System - Hifi vs. Studio Monitors
A good measuring speaker is a good measuring speaker regardless of source. If your tv has an eARC enabled HDMI out you can potentially get better sound out of it than toslink. Use what ever speaker you like the look and sound of.