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Active studio monitors anyone?
"It is clear that advocates of active speakers have no valid audiophile argument"Some active monitors (focal sm9) have the divers directly coupled to the amps and the crossover is before the amps. This has many advantages that I am too lazy to rig... 
Active studio monitors anyone?
Active speakers have a ton of advantages.Take a look at the Focal SM9, They use A/AB amps and have a built in EQ that can be by passed. They basically have modified utopia and electra drivers in them. They are $7500ish and crazy cheap when compare... 
Can headphones ever be as good as high end stereo?
Keep the stereo you would miss it but add some headphones. Good headphones can hang with the best stereos in resolution, tone, dynamic range etc (I do mean the best) but you will lose all of the soundstage. A another option to the stax would be th... 
Thiel Owners
^ yes it it is a sad state.  
Does a sub need to be on the floor?
Adding subs is the best thing you can do for your system. with a decent active crossover integration is easy. But an 8" sub probably will not go low enough. Get a bigger one and turn it down as needed. As as for your orginal question moving a sub ... 
Do we really need anything more than 8" woofer and 1" tweeter for medium size room?
8" is too small. Show me a speaker with an 8" driver that goes down to 20hz with less than 5% distortion? Not room gained down to 20hz but real output.  
Why so many headphones for sale with less than 10 hours of listening time?
I am guilty of selling headphones after only an hour of use. I bought two pairs of Fostex the TH900 and Thxx (mass drop special model). The th900 I returned the day I got them (Amazon) and the thxx I sold the same day online. I I just did not like... 
Looking for speakers under 30" tall.
Focal SM9. Kick ass powered speakers. Just put them on a stand of your choice.  
KEF LS50 - new model?
I would like a slightly bigger modle. With a 6.5" driver for deaper bass 
From a Close Minded Audiophile--Sumiko S5 Subwoofer Helps
The only upgrade better than a sub is two subs... 
Help me replace my beloved Wilson System 6
Are you just looking to upgrade the front speakers? What are your surrounds? 
From a Close Minded Audiophile--Sumiko S5 Subwoofer Helps
I will not have a system without subs anymore. I dont int know the sub your using. Do you use a true crossover? I have found that makes a huge difference.  
Wilson Audio Sasha 2 vs Sophia 3
I have never owned any of these but have heard all 3 several times. The sophia 3 is MUCH closer in sound to the Sasha 1 than the Sabrina. At the going rate they would be my #1 choice but for a few grand more you could get a used Sasha. The adjusta... 
Sophia 4?
Yes I thought this too. I have to say I like the Sophia 3 much better than the Sabrina. I think the bass is better and I put a high value on that.  
B&W 803D's or Focal 1038BE's
I demoed the 803d (older model now) and the focal 1037be (again older model). They sounds pretty different and you and you will have a clear choice. The focals have more natural mid and it is more detailed at low volume. They seemed a hair lean in...