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Cracked my amplifier faceplate. HELP
call audio classics. 
Buying a Vintage Mcintosh: Tips?
the mc7300 is indeed a classic. there is a7300n and 7300w...narrow and wide. no difference in sound, but the 'n' is more rare. 
best way to sell???
imo...don't sell it. you'll regret it someday. 
Suggestions for rock music
your songtowers are fine. 
Bose 901 series VI & Yamaha A-S2000
the yamaha will be a better match with 901's. enjoy. 
Speaker Burn In?
no speaker transforms 'that' radically..enjoy them now. 
What to upgrade from Totem Forrest?
agree with chayro. 
Best "small footprint" speaker between $600-1000
ohm micro walsh 
ProAc Studio 100 vs. Proac 1SC vs. Harbeth P3ESR
The Studio 100 is still one of the best all around speakers in audio. Unless you go to a D2, you'll be splitting hairs. 
Mission 753 Floorstanders?
the mission 753 is a keeper. 
Rock n Roll w/Strings
appaloosa-(s/t)....the new york rock and roll ensemble-faithful friends...both are incredible. 
Best sounding Santana debut and 3rd album
the sony/legacy reissues sound great...the price is great too. 
Allison One speakers
ngarberich...go to classicspeakerpages.net 
Great Organists in Rock
ghosthouse and i are in complete agreement...add augie meyers, felix cavaliere, georgie fame, alan price. 
Some girls Deluxe
I thought the new Some Girls sounded great.