Responses from jaybo

Comments on Pink Floyd's latest re-issues
if you are a fan...of course. 
Should I try to improve speakers at $2000.00 range
if the celestions were made today, they would cost much more than 2k. they are keepers. 
Best Record You Have Ever heard
william lyall-solocasting..a masterpiece. 
Actually difference between class A and AB?
not really...but never let the truth get in the way of a good story. 
Merlins under $3,000?
try 'ohm'..under 3k 'new'..no sub..great balance. 
Suggestions for current blues guitarists
davey knowles and back door slam. 
Thorens TD520 vs a restored Thorens TD125
imo the 520. 
Would u buy Fried Valhalla studio spkrs? sound???
if they are affordable and in great condition, you will have a great pair of speakers....the frieds over the alons by a nose. 
Wondering how more musical is LFD Vs Rega?
the rega 
Best small speakers?
imo size matters..for less thanyour budget, ohm. 
PSB Stratus Gold upgrade to PSB Synchrony One
as good as the synchrony is, no reason to ditch the stratus gold...enjoy. 
Thorens TD 160 or 126? Which better?
it all depends on the condition. 
A Walk in The COUNTRY
gram parsons, butch hancock, jerry jeff walker, bobby bare, joe ely, early earl thomas conley. 
Garage Band Hangover
just saw the website....my picks are too big...my new picks are gary and the hornets, the bare facts.