Responses from jaybo

It was 44 years ago that...
meet the beatles 
gradient revolution amp suggestion
as a former revolution owner..a bigger mac...great speaker. 
Arcam or Unison Unico
i think i would stick with another van alstine. 
on my way... please advise
judging by your taste in speakers and gear, you're more in touch than you think. 
Old vs. New
nothing plays old music quite like old components. 
Jamming with JAMO?
consider 'ohm'....different approach, viseral, and balanced as all get out...more affordable. a history. 
Harbeth compact 7 ES3 for a large room ?
proac D2 
Anthem 225 for thiels 2.2: overkill ?
its fine. 
Warm CD player for older CDs with digital glare?
speaker placement and the room. 
Speakers under $3-4,000?
Who was the best jazz guitarist ever?
well (imo) ivan 'boogaloo joe' jones has the best name. 
Up and coming band: Davina and the Vagabonds
very interesting...reminds me of cathy chamberlain's rag n roll revue. 
how do you pick your next music?
the more you buy..the fewer you play..the more you need. 
Zappa question
at the beginning..'freak out'. 
Wilson Wat Puppy 7 or Avalon Opus Ceramique?