Responses from jaybo

Worst record ever?
kitschy but cool...certainly not sara vaughn's finest moment, but hardly a waist of time...as beatles tributes go, keely smith sings the beatles is way better..as is booker t. and the m.g.'s mclemore avenue. 
The downward spiral.....
57s4me...equal parts of cool/nostagia/logic....can't beat it. 
Aragon or Marsh amps?
Good turntable needed, need recomendations.
unless you collect records..don't spend more than 3k. 
Favorite version of Grateful Dead's Aiko Aiko?
Definitive version...by the Belle Stars 
Totem Model 1 Signature vs The One
proac response 2 or D2. 
The right amp to biamp with McIntosh MC275 Mk V?
RIP-Bill Pitcock lV
Dwight's new LP Green Blimp features Bill and is a return to form...Great LP. 
Best TT for the buck?
get that denon 
Best TT for the buck?
denon 500 
Harbeth 7es3 vs HL5
move the dunlavys around...... 
Are you too old to be an audiophile?
the hobby is about what one buys, not what one hears. you don't have to be an audiophile to be passionate about music. 
What is your favorite tv theme song/composition?
theme from the andy griffith show...there is a version with lyrics as well. a masterpiece. 
Entry Speakers for McIntosh MC240/C22
the 240 has plenty of grunt to drive speakers. i'd try 'em with kipsch heresys. 
Would this room work?