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Thiel Owners
In case anyone is interested, TMR has listed a pair of CS 1.5 speakers in birdseye maple for $799 + $135 for shipping; serial# 7899, 7900; condition listed as 8 out of 10.    
Best software to rip CDs to Mac (Mini)
+1 for dBpoweramp which is available for both Windows and MAC. I've used it for years on Windows to rip to Flac, but it can rip to AIFF as well.  
Thiel Owners
@tomthiel Playback of SACD disks via a disk player using an external DAC is a special use case. To my knowledge, there are essentially 2 ways to turn this trick aside from the PS Audio solution, both require that the disk player have an HDMI outp... 
Streamer Upgrade
@willg1985  With respect to supporting Spotify.  I understand.  That is why I maintain an old Bluesound N100 (the original cube) in my main rig, just so that when my son is in town he can access Spotify.    
Streamer Upgrade
Can highly recommend Bricasti M5 as a Roon endpoint.  It features a self contained LPS, and is built like a tank.  I picked up mine used about 6 months ago from TMR, and I see that the TMR folks currently have one listed for sale.  Prior experienc... 
Melco dealers or owners
Hello benzman! I own a Melco N1A. My principal streamer is a Bricasti M5 functioning as Roon endpoint. Only way Melco can function as your streamer is to connect it to a DAC by USB. Melco functions as a high quality NAS via it’s inbound etherne... 
Considering a new amp for my Vandersteen Quatro CT
+1 for the Coda.  I have the Coda Integrated, the CSiB, which is for all intents and purposes a Model 8 with a built in lines stage.  Same chassis, no VU meters.  I've had mine since January, and extremely pleased with it.  Big step up from the Br... 
Are There Roon Ready I2S Streamers?
Sonnet Hermes does I2S via RJ45. Silent Angel M1T does I2S via HDMI.          
High Current Integrated Options for Manger Speakers
No experience whatsoever with Manger speakers.  However, very happy using Coda CSiB Integrated amp to drive a pair of Thiel CS 2.4 speakers which are notoriously hard to drive (nominally 4 ohm impedance, but dropping to under 3 ohms at 600hz).  Th... 
Thiel Owners
@prof Nice setup! Looking at your pictures, are you doing most, if not all of your listening, in the near field?  
Thiel Owners
@amscott Recommend contacting Rob Gillum, former long time Thiel employee, at https://www.coherentsourceservice.com/.  He specializes in the servicing, maintenance and repair of Thiel speakers.  
Thiel Owners
Coda amps are also a good sonic match for Thiels. And I’m sure it’s no coincidence that this may have something to do with the fact that the folks behind Coda Technologies, Doug Dale and Eric Lauchi, worked with Nelson Pass when all three were tog... 
For those that have separate Streamers & DACS
For what it is worth , I am currently using a Roon Nucleus with Bricasti M5 as Roon endpoint in my main rig, and can very much vouch for it.  Real happy with the M5 since acquiring it back in March of this year.  Considerable jump up in sound qual... 
Bluesound and BluOS
@yogi42  I have streamed both Tidal and Qobuz hi res material successfully without issue using Bluesound devices  (as well as other devices including Roon Nucleus and Bricasti M5).  However, I could see where Qobuz hi res material could be more p... 
Roon Nucleus as a Streamer
 I have a Roon Nucleus and have utilized it as a server/streamer. In my opinion, it was decent, very enjoyable, but not great.  Together with an Sbooster LPS in place of the stock power supply and a decent USB cable (in my case Curious), I thought...