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Total cost of ownership - how to reduce it
For me the need to downsize/simplify on the cusp of retirement has broadened “ownership cost” to include minimizing component number, footprint, weight and maintenance without significant sacrifice in musical enjoyment. Almost a year into the tran... 
Music Server Recommendation
The SonicTransporter i7 with 2TB SSD has served my music well. 
Floor standing speaker isolation advice needed.
Has anyone compared IsoAcoustics Aperta 200 to Gaia (the former being able to accommodate my loudspeakers’ weight/footprint and within my budget)? 
Whats playing on your system today?
A 1976 Bottom Line, NYC set by Jean-Luc Ponty and his band I ripped from Utube. Good enough fidelity to hear all the nuances of the bands’ playing. What great stuff! 
Jazz for aficionados
Larry Young discography correction:“Unity” 1965”Of Love and Peace” 1966 
Jazz for aficionados
Larry Young discography correction:“Unity” 1965”Of Love and Peace” 1966 
Your thoughts about ATC loudspeakers
My passive SCM40 V2 passive sound great at low to moderate volumes and render bass very accurately and powerfully down to the lower limit of the woofers. I must have bought a good pair. ;) 
Jazz for aficionados
I’ll put a plug in Larry Young, from my old stomping grounds of Newark, NJ. All his early albums up to “Of Love and Peace” are beautifully timeless. The later “Unity” ( those into Joe Henderson take note) has incredible organ work that dispenses w... 
Jazz for aficionados
If you want to hear a much younger Hermeto, check Airto’s circa 1970 album “Seeds on the Ground”. Ron Carter is the bassist with Flora sharing vocals with Airto. Great music! 
Need a headphones amp/dac solution that I can stream to from my NAS
I think the Naim Uniti Atom and Nova may check all the boxes. The Nova does so for me, but I use Roon. 
Dynaco A25 -Hard to Believe
I toyed with the idea of getting the SEAS A26 kit from Madisound. Wonder if anyone owns/has heard a pair. Glad to hear your A25s sound so nice! 
Does anybody not like Roon...based on SQ only?
I thought Roon sounded great with a DX2.Now sounds great with a SonicTransporter core and Naim endpoint. 
Jack DeJohnette
A great treat is the DVD of Miles Davis, 1970 Isle of Wight performance, just to see the eye contact communication/enjoyment between a young Jack and Dave as the relentlessly keep the groove going. Kinda telepathic. 
"Bookshelf" speakers designed to be placed near the wall behind them?
ATC SCM19 v2 are sealed design and within your price range. An EBay seller “gwizpro” builds very affordable solid oak stands with pedestal dimensions that fit the SCM19 and can be built at custom height to augment the height of your hearth.  
Do I need higher quality power cords?
Oyaide Tunami wire with middle range Furutech connectors makes a quality AC cable that won’t break the bank.